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Quadratic Formula Program for the TI-82 / TI-83

Quadratic Formula Program for the TI-82 / TI-83

If you are using a TI-82, you begin to enter a program by going to the program menu
(PRGM) and selecting NEW.

In the code below, the first time that a command is used, its location in [Menu,
(submenu), item] is given.

Hint: To type a letter, you must be in ALPHA mode. Press ALPHA a few times to see
what the ALPHA cursor looks like . If you are typing several letters, you may want to
choose A-LOCK (alpha-lock).

: Prompt A,B,C [PRGM, I/O, 2]
: B^2-4AC->D [STO->]
: Disp D  
: Pause [PRGM, CTL, 8]
: If D<0 [PRGM, CTL, 1] [TEST, 5]
: Goto 1 [PRGM, CTL, 0]
: Disp " SOLUTIONS "  
: Disp (-B+)/(2A)  
: Disp (-B-)/(2A)  
: Goto 2  
: Lbl 1 [PRGM, CTL, 9]
: Disp "Domain Error"  
: Lbl 2  

When you are finished entering the program, press quit . To run the program, go to the
program menu, select EXEC, select the program QUAD, and press enter .

Test your program with quadratic equations where you know the correct solutions. The
program will display the discriminant first. Press enter to continue. If you get an error
message, check the code entered to the code shown above.

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