Quadratic Formula Program for the TI-82 / TI-83

Quadratic Formula Program for the TI-82 / TI-83

If you are using a TI-82, you begin to enter a program by going to the program menu
(PRGM) and selecting NEW.

In the code below, the first time that a command is used, its location in [Menu,
(submenu), item] is given.

Hint: To type a letter, you must be in ALPHA mode. Press ALPHA a few times to see
what the ALPHA cursor looks like . If you are typing several letters, you may want to
choose A-LOCK (alpha-lock).

: Prompt A,B,C [PRGM, I/O, 2]
: B^2-4AC->D [STO->]
: Disp D  
: Pause [PRGM, CTL, 8]
: If D<0 [PRGM, CTL, 1] [TEST, 5]
: Goto 1 [PRGM, CTL, 0]
: Disp " SOLUTIONS "  
: Disp (-B+)/(2A)  
: Disp (-B-)/(2A)  
: Goto 2  
: Lbl 1 [PRGM, CTL, 9]
: Disp "Domain Error"  
: Lbl 2  

When you are finished entering the program, press quit . To run the program, go to the
program menu, select EXEC, select the program QUAD, and press enter .

Test your program with quadratic equations where you know the correct solutions . The
program will display the discriminant first. Press enter to continue. If you get an error
message, check the code entered to the code shown above.

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