Solutions to Systems of Equations


• This lesson focuses on the methods for finding solutions to systems of linear
• Students will choose a method (substitution, elimination, graphing) and sell
that method using Alice software to create a commercial
• Alice concepts focus on setting up scenes and creating methods

Objectives and Goals:

• NCSCOS Algebra 1

o Competency
Goal 4: The learner will use relations and functions to
solve problems .
o Objective 4.03: Use systems of linear equations or inequalities in two
variables to model and solve problems. Solve using tables, graphs, and
algebraic properties ; justify results.

• NCSCOS Grade 8 Computer/Technology Skills

o Competency Goal 3: The learner will use a variety of technologies to
access, analyze, interpret, synthesize, apply, and communicate

  Objective 3.07: Plan, design, and develop a multimedia product
using data (e.g., graphs, charts , database reports) to present
content information

Anticipatory Set (8 min):

• On the board put the following systems of equations and ask students to
solve using any method:

o y = 3x + 2; y = ½x – 4
o 2x + 3y = 12; 4x – 12y = 24
o 7y = 2x – 1; y = x + 2

Direct Instruction/Guided Practice (15 min):

• Have students come to board to solve the system of equations
• Ask for additional methods of solving the systems
• Point out the reasons for using specific methods

Closure (5 min):

• How can you tell which method is the best to use when looking at a system of

Independent Practice: Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations Activity

o Create a commercial for one of the methods for solving systems of linear
equations, to sell your mathematical product which, in this case, is your
chosen method! Include the following:

o A catchy slogan
o Clear definitions of important terms
o Example problems
o What steps someone would take to use your method
o A clear argument stating the reasons why your method is better than
the other ones. (In other words, come up with a few good sentences
that explain why you chose your method and why others should too!)

o Procedure:

Task #1) Your group needs to take a stance on what it will advertise

Stance 1) Why the equation method for finding the solution to linear
equations is the best.
Stance 2) Why the graphical method (using a graph to find the solution) is
Stance 3) Why the substitution method (substituting one equation into
the other) is best.
Stance 4) Why the elimination method is best.

Task #2) Assign roles to each member in your group.
Example Maker :______________
(person needs to create specific mathematical examples)
Slogan Maker :______________
(person responsible for a catchy slogan)
Definition Maker:______________
(person responsible for clearly writing all relevant definitions)
Seller :______________
( Person responsible for “Clearly stating the reasons why your method is better
than the other way to find the answer”)

Task #3) Create the commercial

Required Materials and Equipment:

• Graph paper/ graphing calculator (optional)
• Computer with Alice software
• Data projector
• Colored pencils/markers for storyboarding
• Storyboard paper


• Use rubric

Graded Component
I. Following Procedures
Did you properly follow all the steps in each task?
5 Points
II. Neatness and Clarity
Is your work legible and neatly presented?
Are your definitions, examples, steps and other parts of the
advertisement clearly worded, labeled, and legibly written?
10 Points
III. Quality of Mathematics
Did you accurately define all math terms?
Did you properly state the steps necessary to use your method?
Are your examples good choices to illustrate the benefits of your
chosen method?
IV. Design: Slogan/Logo.
Is your logo /slogan appropriate for your advertisement?
Do your logo/slogan work towards selling your method?
7 Points
V. Argument
Did you articulate a clear argument for the benefits of using your
chosen method?
8 Points
VI. Alice World
Did you create a creative commercial using Alice, including all supporting
statements listed in part III and V?
10 Points

Total Points: 60

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