Division of Polynomials

Long division of polynomials is similar to dividing two numbers using long division.
Here is an example of long division with numbers :
Example 1: Use long division to find:

Solution :

The first step is to divide x into  2x2 (this is how we get 2x). Remember, you must then
multiply 2x by x + 2 which gives us 2x2 + 4x . We then subtract  2x2 + 4x from
2x2 −3x + 4 . We now go back to the top and divide x into −7x + 4 . Multiply -7 by
x + 2 to get −7x −14 . Lastly, we subtract −7x −14 from −7x + 4 to get 18 (this is the

Example 2: Use long division to find

Solution :

Practice Problems

Use long division – be sure to write any remainders appropriately.

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