Math 100 Chapter 1 Review

1. Mark each statement True or False.
(a) – 4 is a whole number
(b) – 4 is an integer number
(c) – 4 is a rational number
(d) – 4 is a real number
(e) is a rational number
(f) is a real number
(g) 3 < - 4
(i) 3 < 3
(j) 3 ≤ - 3

2. Match each example with the property that it illustrates.

(A) the commutative property of addition
(B) the commutative property of multiplication
(C) the associative property of addition
(D) the associative property of multiplication
(E) the distributive property
(F) 0 is the identity element for addition
(G) 1 is the identity element for multiplication

3. Simplify each of the following expressions as much as possible.

4. Place the following real numbers in order from smallest to largest:

5. The graph below gives the average high temperature for Sacramento .


(a) How many months have an average high above 80?
(b) Estimate the average high in January.
(c) Estimate the percent by which the average high increases from January to June.

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