Description of Mathematics

MAT 011
Basic Mathematics

This course helps students with the
basic foundations of mathematics,
including the four fundamental
operations involving integers,
fractions, decimals , and percents;
estimation; prime numbers and prime
factorization ; ratio and proportion;
inequalities ; applications; and
problem solving. The skills, habits,
and attitudes emphasized will result in
more effective reading, writing, and
studying. NOTE: Course meets twice
per week and provides institutional
credit only (does not satisfy any
degree requirements/ cannot fulfill the
three required mathematics credits at
the associate level). Placement into
this course is determined by a
placement test.
Prerequisite: Placement assessment

MAT 101
College Algebra

Students learn the concepts and
principles underlying college-level
mathematics. Topics covered include
solving linear equations and
inequalities, graphing equations ,
solving systems of linear equations,
solving quadratic equations , and
functions. The course has a strong
emphasis in connecting symbolic and
interpretations of equations with
particular focus on practical
Prerequisite: MAT 011 (C or better) or the equivalent
score on the placement test.

MAT 103
Patterns in Math

This course will develop mathematical
thinking and numeracy by studying
different types of patterns which occur
in the world around us. Topics include
patterns of numbers, shape,
relationships, probability and data.
Students will learn to critically analyze
data from scientific studies, to
determine the validity of statistical
claims, and to understand the
connection between mathematical
notations, visual depictions, and
verbal descriptions of patterns and
Prerequisite: MAT 011 (C or better) or the equivalent
score on the placement test.

MAT 105
Business Math

The design of this course is to explore
real world concepts of business math
by extensive use of applications in
various business settings such as
banking, retail, hotel/motel industry,
real estate, and others. Following a
review of basic mathematics skills of
, decimals, and percents, the
course introduces the algebraic
concepts of equations, and
elementary statistics; which will be
applied to business situations such as
payroll, taxes, consumer and business
credit, compound interest, reconciling
financial statements, and
business/consumer loans.
Spreadsheet and word processing
skills will be introduced.
Prerequisite: MAT 011 (C or better) or the equivalent
score on the placement test.

MAT 201
Advanced College Algebra

and Trigonometry
The course starts with a review of the
basic terminology and properties of
functions as applied to polynomial
and rational functions. Exponential ,
logarithmic , and trigonometric
functions are then studied using this
knowledge base. A particular focus is
placed upon applications of these
functions in audio engineering,
consumer problems, and graphic
Prerequisite: MAT 101 (C- or better) or the equivalent
score on the placement test.

MAT 202

This course begins with a review of
basic geometric concepts including
properties of lines, triangles, and
circles. Both axiomatic and analytic
techniques are used to explore a
variety of geometries including
Euclidean, hyperbolic, projective,
spherical, and finite geometries. The
approach to proofs is semi-rigorous.
This class is particularly appropriate
for internet, multimedia and graphic
design majors.
Prerequisite: Any 100-level Math course, (C- or better),
or the equivalent score on the placement test.

MAT 203

Statistical Data Analysis has wide
application in the commercial,
technical, and entertainment worlds.
This introductory course will cover
classical statistical concepts and
methods with an emphasis upon
producing professional quality reports.
Microsoft Excel will be used to
organize, compute and present data .
This course is a combination of class
lecture and computer laboratory.
Prerequisite: Any 100-level Math course or advanced

MAT 301
Calculus is a combination lecture/lab
course. Topics covered include limits,
differentiation and integration of
single variable functions as well as
techniques for visualizing and
exploring rates of change . Emphasis
will be placed on applications taken
from acoustics, sound physics and the
life and social sciences. Students will
learn to solve workshop problems in
a computer based learning
Prerequisite: MAT 201 Advanced College Algebra and

MAT 303
Calculus II

This course will begin with a review
of differentiation and its applications.
The majority of the course will then
focus on integration and integration
techniques. Given the time and
interest, students may move on to
higher-level subjects.
Prerequisite: MAT 301 Calculus I (B or better)

MAT 305
Calculus III – Independent

This course would be geared to the
student’s particular interests. Students
are expected to have studied
differentiation and integration. Topics
may include sequences and series,
vector calculus, differential equations,
and partial derivatives.
Prerequisite: MAT 303 (D or higher) or permission of

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