4.4.e Writing Equivalent Fractions

equivalent fractions are fractions of equal size with a new
denominator. Multiply the original fraction by the same factor in
and denominator to produce the new denominator

Write the following fractions as equivalent
fractions of the new denominator.

4.5 Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions

4.5.a Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions
Find the LCD of all the denominators
Write each original fraction as an equivalent
fraction with a denominator of the LCD
Add or subtract the equivalent fractions
Simplify, if possible

4.5.a examples

4.5.b Write fractions in order

To compare the size of two fractions:
Find the LCD for all fractions
Convert all fractions to the equivalent
fraction using the LCD
Insert the inequality sign between the
original fractions

Insert < or > signs between the two fractions to
form a TRUE statement

4.5.c Evaluating Expressions Given Fractional
Replacement Values

Evaluate using the given (x,y) replacement
values of :

4.5.d Solving Problems by Adding or Subtracting

Unlike Fractions
Solve and check the following

4.5.d (Solving Equations Containing Fractions
i.e. Perimeters:)

22. Triangle : with sides of:

23. Rectangle :

4.5.d (Solving Problems by Adding or Subtracting
Unlike Fractions)

1.A sloth travelsmph in a tree, and 7/10 mph on land .
How many more times faster is it in a tree than on land?

2.The US PO and the Japanese PO handles   of the world's mail.

The Japanese PO handles  3/59 of the world's mail.
What fraction is handled by the US PO?

4.6 Complex Fractions and Review of Order of

4.6.a Simplifying Complex Fractions

Complex Fractions:

Fractions with fractional numerators, fractional
denominators, or both.

Solution Plan :

Simplify the numerator and denominator
fractions into simple fractions.
 Divide the two simple fractions.

4.6.a Examples:

4.6.b Reviewing the Order of Operations to simplify

Please, Excuse, My Dear, Aunt Sally
First: Simplify terms Inside Parentheses or other
Grouping Symbols
Then: Exponents and Square Roots
Next: Multiplication, Division, LEFT to RIGHT
Last: Addition, Subtraction, LEFT to RIGHT

4.6.c Evaluating Algebraic Expressions



4.7.a Graphing fractions and Mixed
Number s

means so this is graphed to the right of 2 on the number line
means , so this is graphed to the left of 3 on the number line

4.7.b Multiplying or Dividing with Mixed
Number s or Whole Number s

4.7.c Adding or Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Find the LCD of the fractional part
Add the whole numbers
Add the fractions

Mixed numbers can be added in horizontal or
vertical format
i.e. Problems of the type:

4.7.d Solving Problems Containing Mixed Number s

12. A sidewalk is made using paver bricks that are inches wide.
If the installer places 6 bricks side by side, what is
the length of the sidewalk?

13. A bookcase is to be feet tall and contains 6 equally spaced shelves.
How far apart are the shelves?

14. A small plane used gallons of fuel in a hour trip.
How many gallons were used per hour?

4.7.e Operating on Negative Mixed Numbers

Rewrite a negative mixed number as a negative
improper fraction:

   means  which becomes

which can be written as

(i) Write the following as an improper fraction

(ii) Write the following a a mixed number.

(iii) Perform the following operations with mixed

4.8 Solving Equations Containing Fractions

4.8.a Solving Equations Containing Fractions

Examples: Solve each of the following for the

4.8.b Solving Equations by Multiplying by the LCD

Multiply both sides by the LCD to remove
Use PEMDAS methods to simplify
Use the addition property to move all terms with
variables to one side of the equation, all terms
with constants to the other
Use the multiplication property to solve for the

4.8.b Examples:

4.8.b Solving Equations containing Fractions:

4.8.c Review of Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Be sure to know the difference between solving an
equation containing fractions and adding or subtracting
two fractions.

Equations contain the '=' sign!

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