Fractions/Mixed Numbers/Decimals/Integers/Percentages




(Hint: Factor and “cancel”)


Invert divisor and multiply

or simplify






Since the divisor has two decimal places, we must multiply the divisor and dividend by 100. Therefore, the problemreads


Since the divisor has one decimal place , we must multiply the divisor and dividend by 10. Therefore, the problem reads

11. Express as a decimal :

Do NOT round unless indicated.

12. Express as a decimal :


Line up the decimal points




Percentage Problems

For percentage problems, the use of proportions is very efficient

a =% (Because % means division by 100) b = part of the whole
c = the whole being discussed




Integers/ Order of Operations

Multiply / Divide in order from left to right, then Add / Subtract in order from left to right

Place Value and Rounding

Review the place value names

24. Round to the nearest ten: 126.457→ 130

25. Round to the nearest tenth: 126.456 → 126.5

26. Round to the nearest hundred: 279.712 → 300

Long Division

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