Math Rap Off

Math Rap Off will challenge the students and parents in solving math problems in certain categories. There will be two teams, one consisting of parents and the other students. Each group will be given a sheet of math problems to answer involving the same topic. These questions, if answered correctly will give the team short lines to a rap to give the group an idea and a lyrical line to work off of. When the group finishes all the questions, the questions will be checked for correctness. Once all the questions are correct the group must prepare a math rap in the time remaining, rapping out the process of the respected topic. The team can use the lyrical line they have gained or choose not to use it and create their own rap. The groups will have 10 minutes to answer the questions and create a rap that explains the process and reasoning behind the topic. To the beat box of one of a fellow group member or to the beat of a drum machine, the two groups will be able to send out their “rapper” and proceed with the sing off. The raps will be judged and the best rap wins.

Divide the group such that the parents are against the students
Hand each group paper and pencils and proceed to give each group a question sheet
Provide them with ten minutes to answer the questions correctly and create a math rap on the topic of the questions, creating their original rap with the aid of the lyrical lines gained through answering the questions correctly
Have the groups choose a rapper and beat boxer and proceed with the rap off
The judges, the coordinators of the game, will decide the best math rap and winner of the Math Rap Off

Rounding Decimals
89.46917 rounded to the nearest tenth.
Rounding Decimals
46.83531 rounded to the nearest thousandth is?
Adding Fractions
2/3 + 2/3 =
Converting Numbers to Scientific Notation
1,000 =
Statistical Mean, Median, and Mode
Find the mean, to the nearest 100th, of the numbers of goals scored by the Buffalo Sabres.
Simplifying Fractions
Put the following fraction into lowest terms:
Relating Fractions to Decimals
.75 is the same as what fraction?
Adding Decimals
Add 3.2756 + 11.48
Calculating Perimeter of a Square, Rectangle, parallelogram, and circle.
A square has equal sides of length 10cm. What is the perimeter of the square?
Areas of squares , rectangles, circles , and triangles.
What is the area of a triangle ABC with:
Base = 12
Height = 6

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