Textbook: Harshbarger, Yocco, College Algebra in Context with Applications for the Managerial
Life, and Social Sciences, 2nd edition. There is an optional Student Solution Manual available.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Math 40 or equivalent with grade of “C” or better or
math skills clearance

Course Description: 4 hours of lecture per week. This course includes a review of basic topics
from intermediate algebra , equations and inequalities , functions and graphing including
exponential and logarithmic functions, building mathematical models in business and
economics, systems of equations and matrices, financial applications of sequences and series,
and an introduction to graphing calculators . A TI-83+ or TI-84+ will be used in this class.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
• determine the domain, asymptotes and intercepts of a rational function , and
simplify the function by factoring
• construct a business or economics model that includes a quadratic function, illustrate
the model with an appropriate graph, and analyze the model using algebraic

Classwork includes attendance, participation, and any other work (Exit problems, etc.)
completed during class. Be sure to come to class on time since quizzes will be given at the
beginning of class! Excessive tardies/absences will result in being dropped from the class.
Quizzes will be given at the beginning of each class, except on exam days. You will be
quizzed on material from the previous lecture and homework assignment. You may not be
allowed to use a calculator on some quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be given. Your lowest
2 quiz scores will be dropped.
Mastery Quizzes will be given for selected topics. You must pass the quizzes with 100%. You
will be given multiple opportunities to re-take the quizzes until you score 100%.
Exams will be given throughout the semester. There are 4 exams and 1 (comprehensive) final.
There will be NO MAKE-UP EXAMS. Your lowest exam score will be dropped, but not the
final. If you miss an exam regardless of reason, you will get a score of 0. Exams will be based
on the lectures, text and homework. Calculators are optional, and cellular phones, MP3
players, and PDAs will NOT be allowed on quizzes or exams.

Note: Homework will be assigned each lecture day but will not be collected. It is your
responsibility to keep up with the homework.

Grading breakdown is as follows:

Classwork 5%  
Quizzes 20%  
Mastery Quizzes 10%  
Exams 40%  
Final Exam  25% Final exam will be Thursday May 21, 9 – 11 am

Final course grades will be based on 90% A, 80% B, 70% C, 60% D and below 60% F.
*grading is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor

Academic Honesty: Cheating is illegal and will not be tolerated. This includes copying
another’s work, plagiarizing, and aiding another student in cheating. Cheating will result in a
score of 0 for the assignment in question. Violators will be dealt with according to the policy
in the FC catalog.

Attendance: You may be dropped from this course if you miss more than 4 classes. This could
result in a “W” or even an “F.” Make sure to drop by the deadline if you do not want an “F.”
By college policy, if the instructor is more than 15 minutes late, students may leave without
penalty unless instructed to wait by the Math Division .

Student Responsibilities:
NO CELL PHONES DURING CLASS!! Turn them off and put them away during
• Always come to class (on time!), take notes, read the textbook, and do the homework
• Bring all materials/supplies (text, paper, pencils, erasers, calculator, homework, etc.) to
• A graphing calculator (TI-83+ or TI-84+) will be used in this class (cost: about $100)
• Have extra batteries (AAA) on hand for when your batteries die
• Use a pencil for all work turned in
• Do NOT hesitate to ask questions in class or come by during office hours!
• Exchange phone numbers with classmates in case you miss class or want to form a
study group
• If you need additional help , try the Tutoring Center in the Library Learning Resource
• There are graphing calculators as well as textbooks available for loan from the Library
• Children are not allowed on campus unless accompanied by a parent/guardian. They
may not attend classes and should never be left unsupervised on campus.
• Grievances, grade appeals and disruptive conduct will be dealt with according to the
policy in the FC catalog. Please familiarize yourself with all college policies.
• As cited in BP5500, “A student who violates the standards of student conduct shall be
subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, the removal , suspension or
expulsion of the student.”

Please take note of the safety features in and close to your classroom, as well as study the posted
evacuation route. The most direct route of egress may not be the safest because of the existence of roofing
tiles or other potentially hazardous conditions. Similarly, running out of the building can also be
dangerous during severe earthquakes. During strong quakes the recommended response is to duck,
cover, and hold until the shaking stops. Follow the guidance of your instructor. You are asked to go to
the designated assembly area. Your cooperation during emergencies can minimize the possibility of
injury to yourself and others.

Fullerton College is committed to providing educational accommodations for students with disabilities
upon timely request by the student to the instructor. Verification of the disability must also be
provided. Disability Support Services functions as a resource for students and faculty in the
determination and provision of educational accommodations.

Tentative Schedule for Math 129, Spring 2009

Date Sections Homework
Tues 1/13 AT 1, 1.1  
Thurs 1/15 1.2, 1.3  
Tues 1/20 1.4, 1.5  
Thurs 1/22 1.6, 1.8  
Tues 1/27 1.7  
Thurs 1/29 AT 2  
Tues 2/3 Exam 1  
Thurs 2/5 2.1, 2.2  
Tues 2/10 2.3  
Thurs 2/12 2.4  
Tues 2/17 2.5, 2.6  
Thurs 2/19 2.7  
Tues 2/24 2.8  
Thurs 2/26 AT 3, 3.1  
Tues 3/3 Exam 2  
Thurs 3/5 3.2, 3.3  
Tues 3/10 3.4, 3.5  
Thurs 3/12 3.6, 3.7  
Tues 3/17 AT 4  
Thurs 3/19 4.1, 4.2  
Tues 3/24 4.3  
Thurs 3/26 Exam 3  
Tues 3/31 4.4  
Thurs 4/2 4.5, 4.6  
Tu/Th 4/7 -9 spring break  
Tues 4/14 5.1  
Thurs 4/16 5.3  
Tues 4/21 Cramer’ s Rule  
Thurs 4/23 5.5  
Tues 4/28 Exam 4  
Thurs 4/30 Binomial Thm  
Tues 5/5 Solving eqns  
Thurs 5/7 Functions  
Tues 5/12 6.5, Review  
Thurs 5/21  Final 9 – 11 am


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