Pre - Calculus Course Syllabus

3.1 Quadratic functions and their graphs. Solving quadratic inequalities .

3.2 Zeros of polynomial functions . Remainder Theorem. Division of polynomials .
Rational Zero Theorem. Finding zeros.
3.3 The n- Root Theorem . Finding the roots of a polynomial equation

3.4 Solving different types of equations using various methods , especially by
u- substitution .
3.5 Sketching the graphs of polynomial functions. Solving polynomial inequalities.

3.6 Sketching the graphs of rational functions . Finding asymptotes and zeros.
Solving rational inequalities .

5.1 Angles and their measurements in degrees and radians. Finding the length of an

5.2 Finding the sine and cosine of an angle on the unit circle , with emphasis on

5.3 The graphs of sine and cosine functions, including graphs with multiple

5.4 The other four trigonometric functions . Finding asymptotes and sketching
the graphs.

5.5 Inverse trigonometric functions , with emphasis on radians.

5.6 Right triangle trigonometry.

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