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Quick Check for Factoring Polyno

Quick Check for Factoring Polynomials

  Number Of Terms
CHECK FOR Two Three Four or M
Greatest Common Factor
Grouping by Pairs    
Difference of Squares
a2- b2 = (a + b)(a - b)
Perfect Square Trinomial

a 2+2ab+b2 =(a+b)2

a2 -2ab+b2 =(a-b)2



Grouping method
( Product / Sum method )
or Reverse FOIL

Points to Remember:

1. Always look for a GCF first, no matter how many terms are
in the polynomial .

2. A sum of squares is prime (unless there is a GCF).

3. You can only ‘insert’ the pair of numbers (found when
using grouping to factor a trinomial ), if the leading
coefficient is a 1.

4. Always write a trinomial in descending order (if there is
one variable ) before trying to factor using grouping or
reversing FOIL.

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