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Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Course Description
MATH 99 is designed to prepare students for entry into college-level mathematics courses. Topics
include: systems of equations , linear and absolute value inequalities, rational exponents and radicals,
complex numbers , solving and graphing quadratic equations , composite and inverse functions,
logarithmic and exponential functions. A graphing calculator may be required. Prerequisite: Math
098 with a grade of C or higher, or appropriate math placement score. and previous computer
experience with internet and email usage, at minimum.

Required Materials:

• Beginning and Intermediate Algebra , 3/E, K. Elayn Martin-Gay, Prentice Hall
• MyMathlab Access code

NOTE: this text is used for Math 97, 98, and 99. Your MyMathLab access code for this text is good for one
year from the date that you register.

Coursecompass/MyMathLab Course ID: edwards47676
Scientific Calculator : Any scientific calculator. A graphing calculator is not required.
• Computer and Internet access: A computer capable of running MyMathLab and a good Internet
connection. High speed internet is strongly recommended in order to take advantage of multimedia

NOTE: If your computer does not meet the system requirements, your only other option for
taking this DE course is to utilize the computer labs on the SVC campus.

Course Deadlines:
While this is a partly self-paced course, there are some firm deadlines for assignments and
Use the following calendar as a guideline in order to finish by the end of the quarter. You
are encouraged to work ahead when you are able. All work for the course must be completed by
Tuesday, March 11 at 5:00 PM.

Week Beginning on: Suggested Timeline Firm Due Dates, important info
01: Jan. 3 Chapter 9: Inequalities and Absolute
In MML, click on ASSIGNMENTS for assignment
deadlines, Do Homework for homework
deadlines, Take Test for exam deadlines.
02: Jan. 7 Chapter 9: Inequalities and Absolute
January 10: Assignments 1 and 2 DUE! (Bio
and syllabus quiz)
03: Jan. 14 Exam 01: Covers Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Rational Exponents ,
Radicals and Complex Numbers
04: Jan. 21 Chapter 10: Rational Exponents,
Radicals and Complex Numbers
Check ASSIGNMENTS for due dates for
05: Jan. 28 Exam 02: Covers Chapter 10
Chapter 11: Quadratic Equations and
06: Feb. 4 Chapter 11: Quadratic Equations and
07: Feb. 11 Exam 03: Covers Chapter 11
Chapter 12: Exponential and
Feb. 11 - Assignment 5: Complete Exam 2
You will still be able to work on exam 2 after
this date, however, you will not get credit for
the assignment.
08: Feb. 18 Chapter 12: Exponential and
Logarithmic Functions
09 Feb. 25 Exam 04: Covers Chapter12
Chapter 13.1 : Parabola and Circle
10 Mar. 3 Review
Exam 05: Covers Chapters 9 -12, 13.1
11 Mar. 10 -11 Exam 05: Covers Chapters 9 -12, 13.1 All homework and exams are due by March 11
at 5:00 PM.

Important Dates:

Thursday, January 10 Assignments 1 and 2 are due
Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King Day – College closed
Monday, February 11 Assignment 5 is due: Exam 2 completed (and all prerequisite homework)
Thursday, February 14 Last Day to withdraw from a class and receive a “w” on your transcript
Monday, February 18 Presidents Day – college closed
Tuesday, March 11 All Coursework must be completed by 5:00 PM
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