A cheat to long division
Can only be used when dividing by a
Be careful to place 0’s for space savers.

Synthetic Division – Step by Step
Let’s use :
Step 1: Write down the factor – watch your
signs !

Step 2: Write down the coefficients on each
They must be in order ( descending powers
on x)
You must include a 0 for any missing term

Step 3: Drop down the first coefficient

Step 4: Multiply the number you just brought
down by the factor (-1) and place it in the
spot underneath the -2

Step 5: Add those 2 numbers together and
place the sum under that column

Step 6: Repeat the previous 2 steps until you
reach the end of the row

Step 7: Write your answer. The numbers on
the bottom
are (from left to right) the
coefficients on your quotient , which has
degree one less than your original
dividend, and the reminder.

Using Both Forms

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