The university of tampa 2007-200

The university of tampa 2007-2008

695 Special Topics in Marketing (3)
Prerequisites : to be specified at time of offering. A course offered at the discretion of the
MKT Department. Subject may focus on a topic of current interest in the field, training in
a specific area of the field, or a topic that is of interest to a particular group of students . (*as

699 Independent Study in Marketing (1-3)
For graduate students only. Prerequisites: minimum 3.5 GPA, MKT 607 and written permission
of the department chair. Contemporary topics in marketing.

704 Marketing New Technology and Innovations (1.5)
For graduate students only. Prerequisite: MKT 601. This course focuses on the rapidly
evolving concepts and analytical techniques that facilitate strategic plan development for new
ventures, products, technologies or services. The impact of technology modifies traditional
marketing strategies, and these differences are explored . The course involves developing a
comprehensive strategic marketing plan for a new-venture firm or a real -world client with a
technology product introduction so that students may learn to apply updated strategic planning
methods to business and marketing strategies. This course is available to all MS-IM students
and MBA students with a declared entrepreneurship or marketing concentration. Other MBA
students may be enrolled by permission of the instructor. (*as needed)

Mathematics (MAT)

Credit cannot be earned in mathematics courses that are prerequisites for courses already

150 Introductory Algebra (4)
A study of the basic concepts of algebra such as first-degree equations, factoring , rational
expressions , graphing, quadratic equations, exponents and radicals. May not be used to satisfy
general curriculum distribution requirements of the Baccalaureate Experience. (*fall and spring

153 College Geometry (2)
A study of geometric problem- solving and formal synthetic Euclidean geometry. Students
study properties of basic geometric figures, learn to verify them using formal proofs, and
use results to solve applied problems. Students also are exposed to the axiomatic method of
synthetic Euclidean geometry, learning how to verify results and then apply them to other
proofs and applied problems. Required for education majors; may be taken as an elective by
other majors. May not be used to satisfy General Curriculum Requirements.

155 Finite Mathematics for Liberal Arts (4)
Prerequisite: MAT 150 or equivalent. Appropriate as a general curriculum distribution
requirement for liberal arts students. Topics include graph theory , planning and scheduling,
data collection, descriptive statistics, social choices and voting, the problem of fair division ,
and the study of size and shape. (*fall and spring semesters)

160 College Algebra (4)
Prerequisites: MAT 150 or equivalent. Topics include rational exponents , equations and
, functions and their operations , polynomials, rational functions, and systems of
, inequalities and matrices. (*fall and spring semesters)

170 Precalculus (4)
Prerequisite: MAT 160 or equivalent. Covers exponential and logarithmic functions , applications
to growth and decay problems, trigonometry and analytic geometry with emphasis
on the use of graphing calculators . (*fall and spring semesters)

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