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The following sites provide general assistance and tutorialsontopics.

A Web site geared to higher level courses. Includes an index of topicsand lessons.

A general algebra help Web site. In addition to offering suggestions forstudy skills, the site has an extensive index of Internet help Web sitesorganized by topic. You can also search the site for help on a topicnot listed on this page.

Browse this site for formulas or answers to questions over topicscovered in all areas of math.

Browse the tabs for instant help to a problem or search the site forproblems similar to yours.

This Web site contains lessons and worksheets on various topics. Inaddition, a discussion board is included with many forums.

Browse lecture notes for Intermediate Algebra through Calculus II.

Visit this site to view regular and multimedia lessons on topics fromDevelopment Math to Intermediate Algebra.

An interactive tutorial site with applets. Contains examples and self-test questions.

This Web site contains many resources for students in calculus. Examplesinclude problems with step-by-step solutions, Java applets, study tips,and sample exams.


Print your own graph paper here!


This page containsexamples of operations on fractions:addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


This page has examples of basic operations with decimals. It alsoincludes examples of the conversion between decimals and fractions orpercents.


This page has examples of the conversions between decimals and percentsand fractions and percents. There is also a table of common fractionsand their equivalent in percent.


This page has a list of conversions in the metric system forlength, volume, and mass. Also a few examples of conversions.

Orderof Operations

This Web site is a tutorial on the order of operations. You may testyourself on the material or use the interactive tutorial.


A comprehensive list of expressions and the different methods forfactoring them.


Visit  this site for examples on how to multiply polynomials.


This page contains lessons and examples of simplifying numbers andtheir exponents.

Visit this site for examples on simplifying variables with exponents.

Kick it up a notch and learn how to simplify polynomials with exponents.


This page offers many detailed examples on adding,subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions. There arealso problems and solutions you may work along the way through the lesson.


This page has an interactive tutorial on how to graph a line.

SolvingSystems of Linear Equations

This page gives definitions of linear equations. The three pages thatfollow give examples of solving systems of two variable linearequations by using graphing, substitution, and elimination.

The same site above now illustrates how to solve systems of threevariable linear equations using Gaussian elimination.

This page illustrates how to solve a system of three linear equationswith three variables withoutusing matrices.


A thorough discussion onmatrices. Includes examples onaddition, subtraction, and multiplication of matrices. Also illustratesthe inverse, transpose, determinants, and Cramer's rule.

A discussion on matrices. Includes cofactors and Cramer's rule. Alsodiscusses topics in linear algebra such as rank.


This page gives definitions and interactive tutorials onlogarithms. At the bottom of the page there are more links to self-tests and other lessons on graphing logarithms and solving logarithmicequations.


A comprehensive site that outlines the differences between conicsections. Includes graphs and tables with equations illustrating theirsimilarities and differences.

A simple page with questions about circles, parabolas, ellipses andhyperbolas. Links to detailed answers to the questions are includedalong with demonstrations.


A textbook lesson on circles. Includes definitions and completing thesquare.


A lesson on parabolas which includes discussion on focus, directrix,and translations. Includes questions and answers along with interactiveillustrations.


A page with discussion on eccentricity of ellipses. Includes an appletwith interactive questions.


A textbook lesson and discussion about hyperbolas. Includes examples,drawings, and interactive tutorials along the way.


This site has questions on identities and links to their answers.


This is a PDF file with rules for derivatives and common derivatives.Also includes formulas for integration, integration by parts,substitution, trigonometry and partial fraction decomposition.


This page has problems which illustrate detailed graphing of functionsof one variable using the first and second derivatives. Work them onyour own and follow a link to the answers.

AlgebraWord Problems

Illustrated word problems on area, perimeter, and volume of geometricfigures.


A PDF worksheet with problems on consecutive integers. Answers areincluded.

A thoroughly illustrated problem on consecutive integers.


A PDF file which illustrates how to set up mixture problems. An exampleis included.

A PDF worksheet on mixture problems. Answers are included.


A textbook example of an investment problem. Two variables are used.

Distance,Rate andTime

A PDF worksheet with problems on distance, rate, and time. Answers areincluded.

A PDF worksheet with mostly distance, rate, and time problems. The useof systems of equations are suggested but not required. Answers areincluded.


A PDF worksheet with work, rate, and time problems. Answers are included.


Aninteractive tutorial onrelated rates.


This site illustrates four examples of finding optimal length, area,or volume given constraints.

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