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Math 070 Practice Exam

Explain clearly how you arrive at all solutions showing all relevant work. If there is no work for a problem then no
points may be awarded, even if the solution is correct .

Find the least common multiple (LCM) of the list of numbers.

1. Find the LCM of 9 and 12.

2. Find the LCM of 27, 48, and 162.

Insert < or > to form a true statement

Perform the indicated operation . Simplify your answers.

Write a fraction to represent the shaded area.

Write the mixed number as an improper fraction.

Write the improper fraction as a mixed or whole number .

Write the fraction in simplest form .

Determine whether the pair of fractions is equivalent .

Find the prime factorization of the number .

23. 126

24. 4725

Perform the indicated operation . Write the answer in simplest form.

Solve . Write the answer in simplest form.

37. Find the area of each rectangle. Write the answer in simplest form . Recall that the
area = (length) ยท (width).

A = 4/13 foot

B = 1/2 foot

38. On a recent trip, Asha drove 252 miles on gallons of gasoline. How many miles per gallon did she

39. A rectangular flower bed in front of a building measures feet by feet. What is the total area of the
flower bed?

40. Lea is saving 2/19 of her monthly income of $6764 for retirement. How much money is she setting aside each
month for retirement?

Perform the indicated operation. Simplify your answers.

Perform the indicated operation. Simplify your answers.

Perform the indicated operation. Simplify your answers.

51. Find the average of 7/10, 4/9, and 2/5
Solve .

52. A carpenter cuts a piece feet long from a cedar plank that is 14 feet long. How long is the remaining piece?
gallons on fuel on a hour trip. How many gallons of fuel were used for each

The circle graph below shows us how an average consumer spends money. Use this information for Exercises 26
through 28.

54. What fraction of spending goes for other and housing combined ?

55. What fraction of spending goes for clothing, housing, and other?

56. Suppose your family spent $41,000 on the items in the graph above . How much might we expect was spent on

Find the perimeter of each figure. For Exercise 29, find the area also.

58. Find the perimeter of the triangle.

Answer Key

Testname: 2008 FALL 070 CH2-3 PRACTICE EXAM2

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