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Polynomial Functions Worksheet

It is important in mathematics to always use the proper notation. Please
use the proper mathematical notation for all Worksheet problems.

1. Use synthetic division to divide P(x) = 2x4 - x3 - 6x2 + 7x - 2 by
d(x) = x + 1, and write P(x) in the form P(x) = Q(x) ยท d(x) + r(x).

2. Use the Rational Root Theorem to find the possible zeros of P(x), and
use synthetic division to find all the zeros. Be sure to check for multiple
zeros , and state the multiplicity of each zero .

3. Write P(x) as a product of linear factors.

4. Sketch the graph of P (x) = 2x4 - x3 - 6x2 + 7x - 2. Be sure to indicate
all the zeros , and the y- intercept .

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