Mathematics Courses

MA 1003 Finite Math

This course is designed to give students a wider appreciation of what mathematics is all about . Topics to
be included may range through Set Theory, Logic, Numeration Systems , Number Theory, Probability,
Statistics, Group Theory , and Topology. The course objective is for the student to experience mathema-
tics as an exploratory, challenging, creative, and enjoyable discipline.
Credits: 3  Offered Semester I
Prerequisite: LR 1113

MA 1223 Algebra and Trigonometry

This course is a sequel to LR 1123 and concludes our algebra sequence. Students continue their study
of algebra and analytical geometry, and begin their study of trigonometry. Further topics from algebra
including exponential and logarithmic functions , along with introductory topics from trigonometry
including circular functions, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, and solutions to right
and oblique triangles will be studied. The course is designed to develop an understanding of the topics
from algebra and trigonometry essential to the study of calculus.
Credits: 3 Offered Semester I and II
Prerequisite: LR 1123

MA 2243 Statistics I

This course deals with various introductory topics from probability and statistics with emphasis on the
interpretation of experimental data. Students will study descriptive statistics, probability distributions , and
inferential statistics (tests of hypotheses). In addition , students will actually do statistics using technology
tools such as the TI-83 calculator , Microsoft Excel, and the campus wide statistics package JMP.
Credits: 3 Offered Semester I and II
Prerequisite: LR 1123 or MA 1003

MA 2333 Calculus I

Calculus is the mathematics of change . Calculus I deals with an introduction and treatment of the major
concepts and techniques of differential calculus . The topics students will study include functions,
limits, and derivatives of polynomial , logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, and composite functions, along
with applications of differentiation.
Credits: 3 Offered Semester I and II
Prerequisite: MA 1223

MA 3253 Statistics II

This course is for students who wish to continue their study of statistics. The topics to be studied fall
under the general heading of inferential statistics or tests of hypotheses. These statistical tests include
t-tests, Z-tests, chi- square tests , analysis of variance, regression and correlation (linear and nonlinear),
along with various nonparametric tests including the sign test , Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Mann Whit-
ney U Test, Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient , and the Kruskal-Wallis test. Throughout the course,
students will use technology tools such as the TI-83 calculator, Microsoft Excel, and the campus-wide
statistics package JMP to supplement and enhance the classroom material.
Credits: 3 Offered Semester I and II
Prerequisite: MA 2243

MA 3263 Biometry

Biometry, biological statistics, or quite simply biostatistics , is the application of statistical methods to
the solution of biological problems. Topics to be studied include: the design and analysis of biological
experiments and surveys; the collection, organization, and quantification of biological data; the statisti-
cal principles underlying the management of biological data; and the use of technology tools such as the
TI-83 calculator, the CD entitled Field Guide to Statistics Using Excel by Barry Woods, and the campus
wide statistics package JMP to analyze the data and to present conclusions .
Credits: 3 Offered Semester II
Prerequisite: MA 2243

MA 3443 Calculus II

The study of calculus continues with students being introduced to the main topics of integral calculus.
The fundamental theorem of calculus, antidifferentiation, definite and indefinite integrals, techniques
and applications of integration, along with sequences, series, and differential equations are the topics to
be studied. Throughout this course, students will use software packages to supplement and enhance the
classroom material. Calculus is a tool of great importance, and a basic understanding of it is prerequisite
for further study in nearly all branches of higher mathematics.
Credits: 3 Offered by arrangement
Prerequisite: MA 2333

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