Course Syllabus for College Algebra

Catalog Course Description
Covers first-degree equations, polynomials, inequalities, factors, scientific notation, sequences
and series, exponents and logarithmic functions, coordinates and graphs, functions, and roots of
polynomial equations .

Student Outcomes
The course is designed to guide SNC students towards mathematical proficiency by providing
opportunities where learners may practice and demonstrate:
A sense of number and the ability to discern whether a proposed numerical answer
to a problem is reasonable – the ability to think correctly about numbers and to use
data to make intelligent decisions in life.
The ability to use mathematical knowledge to confront unfamiliar problems both
in concrete and abstract situations – modeling a mathematical problem in several
ways to facilitate a solution.
The ability to discuss the mathematical ideas involved in a problem with other
people and to write coherently about mathematical topics and their interrelations.
General reasoning powers – understanding of mathematical implication and
knowledge of why various mathematical statements follow from more basic ideas.
General algebraic proficiency – the ability to manipulate algebraic expressions
an understanding of the interrelationships between the symbolic, numeric, and
graphic representations of real-world phenomena.
The ability to visualize, compare, and transform problems geometrically – an
understanding of the connections between algebra and geometry.
  An understanding of the uses of mathematics in other disciplines and the use of
technology in the solution of mathematical problems.
The ability to gather, organize, display, and summarize data – the ability to draw
conclusions or make predictions from data

Class Schedule/Daily Topic Outline (Tentative-Subject to Change)

The course will be managed through Course Compass and My Math Lab. Homework problems
and Chapter Tests will be completed on-line. Course ID: reich13268; Course Name: College
Algebra Fall 09.

Monday, Aug 17 Course Introduction
Wednesday, Aug 19
Friday, Aug 21
Monday, Aug 24
Wednesday, Aug 26
Friday, Aug 28
Chapter R Review
Ch Hwk—Sun, Aug 30; Ch Test—Sun, Sep 6
R.1 Real Numbers
R.2 Algebra Review
R.3 Geometry Essentials
R.4 Polynomials
R.5 Factoring Polynomials
R.6 Synthetic Division
R.7 Rational Expressions
R.8 nth Roots ; Rational Exponents
Monday, Aug 31
Wednesday, Sep 2
Friday, Sep 4
Monday, Sep 7—Labor

Wednesday, Sep 9
Friday, Sep 11
Monday, Sep 14
Chapter 1 Graphs, Equations, and Inequalities
Ch Hwk—Sun, Sep 20; Ch Test—Sun, Sep 27
1.1 Rectangular Coordinates ; Graphing Utilities; Introduction to
Graphing Equations
1.2 Solving Equations Using Graphing Utility; Linear and Rational
1.3 Quadratic Equations
1.4 Complex Numbers ; Quadratic Equations in the Complex Number
1.5 Radical Equations ; Equations Quadratic in Form; Absolute Value
Equations; Factorable Equations
1.6 Problem Solving, Interest, Mixture, Uniform Motion, Constant
Rate Jobs
1.7 Solving Inequalities
Wednesday, Sep 16
Friday, Sep 18
Monday, Sep 21
Chapter 2 Graphs
Ch Hwk—Sun, Sep 27; Ch Test—Sun, Oct 4
2.1 Intercepts and Symmetry ; Graphing Key Equations
2.2 Lines
2.3 Circles
2.4 Variation
Wednesday, Sep 23
Friday, Sep 25
Monday, Sep 28
Wednesday, Sep 30
Friday, Oct 2
Chapter 3 Functions and Their Graphs
Ch Hwk—Sun, Oct 4; Ch Test—Sun, Oct 11
3.1 Functions
3.2 The Graph of Functions
3.3 Properties of Functions
3.4 Library of Functions; Piecewise-defined Functions
3.5 Graphing Techniques; Transformations
3.6 Mathematical Models; Building Functions
Monday, Oct 5 Paper and Pencil Validation Midterm
Wednesday, Oct 7
Friday, Oct 9
Monday, Oct 12
Wednesday, Oct 14
Chapter 4 Linear and Quadratic Functions
Ch Hwk—Sun, Oct 18; Ch Test—Sun, Oct 25
4.1 Linear Functions, Their Properties and Linear Models
4.2 Building Linear Models from Data
4.3 Quadratic Functions and Their Properties
4.4 Building Quadratic Models from Verbal Descriptions and from
4.5 Inequalities Involving Quadratic Functions
Friday, Oct 16
Monday, Oct 19
Wednesday, Oct 21
Friday, Oct 23
Monday, Oct 26
Chapter 5 Polynomial and Rational Functions
Ch Hwk—Sun, Nov 1; Ch Test—Sun, Nov 8
5.1 Polynomial Functions and Models
5.2 Properties of Rational Functions
5.3 The Graph of a Rational Function
5.4 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
5.5 The Real Zeros of a Polynomial Function
5.6 Complex Zeros; Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Wednesday, Oct 28
Friday, Oct 30
Monday, Nov 2
Wednesday, Nov 4
Friday, Nov 6
Monday, Nov 9
Wednesday, Nov 11
Chapter 6 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Ch Hwk—Sun, Nov 15; Ch Test—Sun, SNov 29
6.1 Composite Functions
6.2 One-to-One Functions; Inverse Functions
6.3 Exponential Functions
6.4 Logarithmic Functions
6.5 Properties of Logarithms
6.6 Logarithmic and Exponential Equations
6.7 Financial Models
6.8 Exponential Growth and Decay Models; Newton’ s Law ; Logistic
Growth and Decay Models
6.9 Building Exponential, Logarithmic, and Logistic Models from
Friday, Nov 13
Monday, Nov 16
Wednesday, Nov 18
Friday, Nov 20
Chapter 8 Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Ch Hwk—Sun, Nov 29; Ch Test—Sun, Dec 6
8.1 Systems of Linear Equations: Substitution and Elimination
8.2 Systems of Linear Equations: Matrices
8.3 Systems of Linear Equations: Determinants
8.4 Matrix Algebra
8.6 Systems of Nonlinear Inequalities
8.7 Systems of Inequalities
Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Recess
Monday, Nov 30
Wednesday, Dec 2
Friday, Dec 4
Chapter 9 Sequences; Induction; The Binomial Theorem
Ch Hwk—Sun, Dec 6; Ch Test—Sun, Dec 13
9.1 Sequences
9.2 Arithmetic Sequences
9.3 Geometric Sequences; Geometric Series
9.5 The Binomial Theorem
  Comprehensive Final Exam
Section 1, Monday, Dec 7, 0800-1100
Section 2, Monday, Dec 7, 1500-1800

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