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Laws of Exponents

Please complete this worksheet. Feel free to discuss it with your neighbors.
Observe the distinction between multiplication and exponentiation .

Conclusion: Multiplication is repeated addition !

Conclusion: Exponentiation is repeated multiplication!

Write out each of the following expressions using repeated multiplication. Then
count the number of factors to find the correct exponent.

When you are multiplying numbers with the same base you ________ the exponents .
General rule is ___________

Dividing exponential numbers with the same base.

When you are dividing numbers with same base you ____________ the exponents.

General rule
is when

Raising a power to a power .

When you are raising a power to a power , you ____________________ the base and
______________ the exponents.
General rule is _______

Raising a product to a power .

When you are raising a product , you raise ________ factor to ________________.
General rule is  _______

Raising a quotient ( or fraction ) to a power.

When you raise an entire quotient (or fraction) to a power, you _______ _______ the
numerator and the denominator to________________.
General rule is

Practice problems. Please use the laws to simplify the following problems.

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