Syllabus for Elementary Algebra

Course Objectives:
Some basic concepts of arithmetic and algebra ; real numbers; equations, inequalities, and
problem solving; formulas and problem solving; exponents and polynomials ; factoring,
solving equations , and problem solving; algebraic fractions ; coordinate geometry and
linear systems ; roots and radicals ; quadratic equations; additional topics.

Homework, Quizzes, and Exams:

Homework from the textbook will be assigned and reviewed in class. Homework will be
collected and graded. Since the exams will closely resemble homework exercises, success
in the course strongly depends on diligently completing all assignments in a timely
fashion. I cannot stress this last point enough! Students must complete all assignments on
time and come to class prepared . We will have 4 in class closed- book and no calculator
exams. The exams may cover any material discussed in class up to and in some cases
including material covered the day before. All exams should be considered cumulative.
We will also have 10 pre-announced quizzes. No make-up exams will be given.
Successful students should plan to spend at least two hours of study outside of class for
each hour of discussion. This translates into a minimum of ten additional hours per

Read the textbook:
I strongly encourage you to read the text Carefully. The lectures are designed as a
supplement to and not an alternative for the textbook. Students are expected to master all
topics in the textbook unless otherwise indicated and regardless of whether they are
mentioned in the lecture.

Class comportment:
All students are expected to arrive on time. Late arrivals are disruptive to both the
lecturer and students. Students must turn off all pagers and cell phones while in class.
Students are encouraged to ask questions and make comments on the lecture material.
This should be done in a courteous manner by raising one’s hand and being recognized.

Math 115
Learning Outcomes

1) Categorize numbers

2) Manipulate numbers using basic numerical operations

3) Evaluate arithmetic expressions containing exponents

4) Solve first-degree equations and inequalities

5) Solve formulas for a given variable

6) Recognize and solve proportion problems ; analyze and solve word problems

7) Simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials

8) Simplify expressions containing negative exponents

9) Factor polynomials using appropriate methods

10) Apply factoring techniques to solve second-degree equations

11) Factor polynomials using appropriate methods

12) Solve equations and word problems using factoring

13) Manipulate and simplify algebraic

14) Solve equations containing algebraic fractions

15) Graph equations in two variables

16) Determine equations of lines

17) Solve systems of equations

18) Determine roots; simplify, add, subtract, multiply, and divide radicals

19) Solve equations containing radicals

20) Solve quadratic equations using completing the square and the quadratic formula

21) Define and evaluate relations and functions

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