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Unabridged Version of Sean's Applied Math Book

Download. Latest Build: January 24, 2004

Please note that the unabridged version of the text may not be used by Caltech students in ACM 95/100.

You can download the text in the following formats by saving the link to your computer. The PDF versions are better for viewing on your computer; they are hyperlinked. Thanks to LATEX2HTML I now have an HTML version. Get the postscript version if you are going to print the text.

  • PDF, (Portable Document Format), suitable for viewing on the computer. This version has a page layout with smaller margins, larger fonts and a lower aspect ratio. 9.7 megabytes.
  • PDF This version is in letter format. 8.9 megabytes.
  • HTML.
  • postscript. 21.4 megabytes.
You can also download the source, (the LaTeX and graphics files). There is a makefile for compiling the sources. Feel free to cut and paste the sources to make documents that suit your needs. I have a users guide that describes how to use the source of the text.
  • zip archive 8.3 megabytes.
  • gzip'ed tarball 7.7 megabytes.

Mathematica Notebooks

Some of the exercises in the text are solved in Mathematica notebooks. These exercises are labeled with the name of the notebook. Below is a list of these notebooks. You can download files to your computer and open them in Mathematica. You can also download all the notebooks in a tarball. (I have also written a set of tutorial Mathematica notebooks that I have used in teaching a Mathematica class.)

Status of the Text

, / March 12, 2004