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South Suburban College
South Holland, Illinois

Course Title: Intermediate Algebra Instructor: John M. Collado
Course Number: MTH 100 Semester Hours: 4

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Elementary concepts of algebra will be covered, including solving linear equations and inequalities, polynomial operations and factoring, rational expressions, graphing linear equations, quadratic equations and appropriate word problems.


ALEKS User's Guide, Baker, Harold D.
Copyright 2000, ALEKS Corporation

Prerequisite MTH 095 with a grade of "C" or above, or one year of high school algebra and quaifying score on the Placement test

General Objectives
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At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to...

A. identify and use rules of algebra and exponents.

B. solve linear equations.

C. perform fundamental operations on polynomials, including factoring.

D. perform fundamental operations on rational expressions.

E. solve quadratic equations by factoring.

F. identify intercepts and draw graphs of lines.

G. solve applications using linear and quadratic equations.

H. use a calculator effectively as an aid in problem solving.

I. recognize the relationship between arithmetic and algebra.

of Presentation

The MTH 100 online course will utilize ALEKS (Assessment and of LEarning in Knowledge Spaces), an artificial intelligence-based Presentation system for individualized math learning and assessment via the World Wide Web.

A textbook and video tutorial are integrated with the ALEKS' explanation of majority of the course's objectives.


After the fourth week of the Spring session or after the second week of the Summer session, a student must have completed at least 25% of the course's objectives.

After the eighth week of the Spring session or after the fourth week of the Summer session, a student must have completed at least 50% of the course's objectives.

NO incomplete will be given.
Final Grade
A student's final grade will be determine by the final exam. The final exam is the only test a student will take for the course.

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