Introduction to Linear Equations and Slope as a Constant Rate of Change through Data Collection

Introduction to Linear Equations and Slope as a Constant Rate of Change through Data Collection

7thgraders speak about linearity

Linear is a line on a graph that is straight and the changes in an experiment are
the same each time. In an experiment, the same things happen each time, the
graphed information will be linear.

• To me linear means a straight line that continues the same way in one
direction. In a graph linear goes up the same amount each time and it never
changes . It makes a diagonal line. Linear is important in graphing because it
shows if something is the same.

• Linear means a diagonal line going from one point on a coordinate grid to
another. We use it in math when we are graphing points in a coordinate grid
and each point is the same distance away from another point on the grid.

• Linear means a straight line graph that continues on the same pattern. I think
it shows how time and other information compare when they are different .

• Linear means that it makes a straight line. Linear isn’t really that important in
graphing because if you didn’t have linear, you could still make a graph.

• Linear isn’t important to graphing because you use it to connect the points.

• Linear is where lines are straight to each other. Graphing needs this because
without it there would be now way to make a point.

Application of linearity and graphing

• Graphing the absorption flow of paper towels
• Velocity versus acceleration
• Voltage drop over time in an electric car
• Plant growth over time
• Inclined Plane Lab

Boat Lab-Does added weight affect the boats speed?

Boat Lab/weight versus speed


Inclined Plane Lab

Inclined Plane Lab

Velocity versus acceleration

acceleration versus velocity

time in seconds

Plant growth over time

Kidney bean growth after germination


Voltage drop over time in an electric car

Voltage drop over time (electric car)

Laps (150 meters per lap)

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Electric car Lab

Growing Kidney Beans to learn graphing

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