Departmental Syllabus for Algebra

UPG Catalog Description: A college-level algebra course that covers topics
such as operations with polynomials and rational expressions, linear equations
and inequalities in one variable , linear equations in two variables and their
graphs, factoring , roots, and radicals. Additional topics such as complex fractions,
functions and their graphs , logarithms, and exponential functions are
covered in less depth.

Prerequisite : Placement or Math 6000 with a grade of C or better.
Current Text: Intermediate Algebra by D. Franklin Wright, 5th Edition.

Topics to covered:
1. Review of Real Numbers , Solving Equations , and Exponents:
Properties of Real Numbers
Operations with Real Numbers
Linear equations and absolute value equations
Evaluating and solving formulas
Linear inequalities and absolute value inequalities
Properties of exponents

2. Straight Lines and Functions:
Cartesian coordinate system and straight lines
Slope intercept form
Point intercept form
Introduction to functions
Graphing linear inequalities

3. Systems of Linear Equations :
Systems of linear equations in two variables and applications
Systems of linear equations in three variables*
Graphing systems of linear inequalities*

4. Polynomials :
Addition and subtraction of polynomials
Multiplication of polynomials
Division of polynomials and synthetic division
Introduction to factoring
Special factoring techniques
Polynomial equations and applications

5. Rational Expressions :
Multiplication and division of rational expressions
Addition and subtraction of rational expressions
Complex fractions
Equations and inequalities with rational expressions
Applications (Variation*)

6. Roots , Radicals , and Complex Numbers:
Roots and Radicals
Rational Exponents
Arithmetic with Radicals
Functions with Radicals
Introduction to Complex Numbers*
Multiplication and division with Complex Numbers*

7. Quadratic Equations :
Completing the square
The Quadratic Formula
Equations with Radicals
Equations in quadratic form

8. Quadratic Functions:
Quadratic functions (Parabolas)

9. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions :
Operations of functions
Inverse functions
Exponential functions
Logarithmic functions
Properties of Logarithms
Logarithmic and exponential equations

NOTE:  means if times allows .
NOTE: The order of presentation of the contents of this syllabus, exams, and
grading policies are entirely at the discretion of the individual instructor.

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