Course Title: Pre-algebra

Course Number:
Math 0950

Course Credit Hours:
3 semester hours


Catalog Description:
Fundamental concepts of arithmetic including pre-algebra. Does not count for graduation.

 1. Develop excellent mathematics study skills.
 2. Review and update college arithmetic skills .
 3. Develop skills to reason logically .
 4. Improve ability to solve word and real world problems.
 5. Teach use of a scientific calculator with direct algebra logic.
 6. Prepare the student for Math 0960.

Suggested Texts:
Basic Mathematics, fourth edition by Charles P. Mckeague,
PWS Publications, Boston, MA, 1996.

 Basic Mathematics, seventh edition by Marvin L. Bittinger &
Mervin L. Keedy, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1995.

Course Coverage:

Whole Numbers

 •Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
 • Place Value , and Rounding
 •Estimating and Displaying Information
 •Tables and Pictographs
 •Bar Graphs and Line Graphs
 • Circle Graphs
 •Properties of Addition and Multiplication
 •Exponents and Order of Operation

Fractions and Mixed Numbers

 •Four meanings and Properties of Fractions
 •Prime numbers, Factoring and Reducing Fractions
 •Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction
 •Order or Operations with Fractions
 • Complex Fractions


 • Decimal Notation and Place Value
 •Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
 • Square Roots


 •Surface Area

Ratio and ProportionUnit Analysis

 •Area and Volume
 •Converting between Metric and English Systems

Percentage Formula

 •Applications of Percent
 •Sales Tax
 •Percent Increase and Decrease

The Real Number System

 •Integers-Addition and Subtraction
 •Integers- Multiplication and Division

Introduction of Algebra

 • Distributive Property /Gather Like Terms
 •Addition and Multiplication Property of Equality
 •Solving Equations In One Unknown
 • Simple Exponent Introduction
 •Simple Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
 •Addition of Polynomials
 •Multiplication of Binomials
 •Evaluating Expressions
 •Introduction to Applications of Algebra

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