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Review of Prealgebra

Editorial review
This one-semester prealgebra text smoothly bridges the gap between arithmetic and beginning algebra and is suitable for a variety of course formats, including lab (both supervised and self-paced), lecture, group, and a combination of all three. With a heavy emphasis on important study skills and habits, PREALGEBRA, Third Edition, aims to instill mathematical confidence and help build a solid foundation for students going on to future math courses. The text provides a complete and thorough treatment of algebra and arithmetic, allowing students to better understand the relationship between the two. Group activities, scientific calculator exercises, critical thinking problems, and exercises requiring written answers are included throughout the text, in accordance with the latest NCTM Guidelines. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Review of Algebra, Book 1

Editorial review
An introductory textbook for sophomores or juniors majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, statistics, science, or operations research. This edition provides a general introduction; theorems and proofs; numerous figuresincluding some new ones on quadric surfaces; applications of linear algebra; opportunities to use graphing calculators, computer algebra systems, and linear algebra software, such as MATLAB and MatrixPad; examples, exercises, projects and cumulative tests; historical notes; and answers to odd-numbered problems. -- Copyright © 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Reviewed by recrandall, from Spartanburg, SC
I'm a Computer Science major at Converse College, and I found this book very user-friendly. (BTW, I have a used copy to sell. Email recrandall@hotmail.com)

Reviewed by Jie Liu (liuji@eleceng.ee.queensu.ca), from Canada
I am a graduate student at Queen's University, Canada, and my research work is heavily involved with linear algebra. I had looked through many books on this subject, and found this book most concise and sufficient in exlaining the fundamental theories of linear algebra. I recommand this book to those who are just starting to discover the beauty of matrices.

Review of Algebra 2

Reviewed by a reader, from Chicago, Illinois USA
I am a teacher and I used this book to teach my sixth graders Algebra 2. I was horrified when over half of the class did not understand how to do the problems. I looked in the book and it was true. Sure, the gave a superflous of examples but there was no step by step guidelines on how to do tricky problems. I do not recomend this book at all!

Reviewed by Rob W, from Manchester, CT
This is a great book, if you want to further better yourself in algebra.

Review of Algebra 1: An Integrated Approach

Reviewed by a reader, from USA
this book is good but a bit unclear. you'll need a teacher to help you through this though. otherwise, it's a pretty good book and i got most of the concepts.

Review of Algebra 1: An Integrated Approach

Reviewed by Graham Brunk, from Lake Worth, FL United States
Well i had a lot of trouble in Algebra! I did pretty bad! But when i really sat down and looked at this book i was able to just read it and learn it!!! This a is a very helpful book. My school uses this book. I decided to buy it cause i wanted to keep reading about Algebra even though i finally Finished it. this book is excellent and gives very good decriptions about each step in Algebra 1. i am gonna buy algebra 2 an integrated approach and Geometry an Integrated Approach. This book is the best thing to work with to get you through that hellish algebra experience. I have to admit anybody who can do Algebra IS SMART!!!!

Reviewed by moonstorm, from Nevada, US
I use this book in school and we have found some of the answers to be incorrect. They teach somethings very well and others they don't explain it very well at all! Its good to work with, but I would not be completely dependant on it.

Reviewed by a reader, from South Carolina, US
What is this world coming too. I can't believe a 10 year old kid can get a hold of such vital information to our everyday life such as this great Algebra I book. I don't know how they things in Peggs, Iowa but where I am from there is a thing we like to call class for our mathmeticians which obviously Iowans and Tulsans don't have. I don't know who Gil Guttenheimer is but I intend to meet him. He sounds like a deep and intelectual person who seems to know what he is talking about. My view on this book is it is full of inspiring formulas and even better linear equations. I tell my kids that this book is like a pringles can, Once you pop the fun never stops. I was doing my nightly reading of math text books and this one caught off guard as being the best text book ever written. Put it up for a grammy or a nobel prize. It is far superior to any other text book i have ever read and i found my self crying as I poured through this intelectual stimulator. I was so choked up at the genious examples in chapter 7 that I had to put it down, for I thought that I am not good enough to be reading such a exquisite book. I have read this book several times now and I almost have all the answers memorized. This book has kept me going through my life and its teachings have inspired me to come a teacher myself. I am planning to travel around America on a llama, trying to spread the wonderful word of the integrated aproach and touch people with this book, as the way it has touched me. Look in your local newspaper for when I come to a town near you and if i never make it to your area, at least take the time to go through this book and be touched by the miracle of Algebra I, through the eyes of Ronald E. Larson, my new hero. Although i plan to get to many cities, Tulsa and Peggs will not be on my list for the fear of the horrible neglection of the integrated approach.

Reviewed by Gil Guttenheimer, from South Carolina, USA
This is the greatest mathematical book since Euclid compiled all the thereoms of geometry. Whoever wrote this book should be given a medal of honor for his great addition to our mathematical community. I can't actually believe that some guy from Tulsa Okalhoma would actually write such a review about a great text book. My only guess is he had a horrible teacher who couldn't explain things at all. What ever the kannardeum theorum is, it is probably just some stupid rendition to the math squarewhich is my favorite formula. What is your favorite formula? is what this book left me thinking at the end of the year. I have a new rendition to the substitution method of solving called the Berkeum theorm. I am sure it will be all over in a couple of years. I hope all people from Tulsa aren't as narrowminded as the one who wrote the other review. Teachers, if you are indecisive about what math text book to get. This is definately the one to go with, and parents if you are looking for an award to give to your kids, this will make them love you forever. I will never forget when i got my first Algebra book when I was 6.I hope you find my review useful.

Review of Algebra 2: An Integrated Approach

Reviewed by a reader, from Santa Monica, CA USA
I returned to college after 15 years. Before taking the math placement tests, I studied Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 - I placed into precalculus and received an A in this class. I credit the books for giving me these results - prior to this I was a poor math student. I have just finished calculus (1st class) with an A. I really recommend both of these books. They helped me enormously - and I have regained confidence in my math abilities.

Reviewed by a reader, from Duke TIP
As a seventh grader who took algebra 2, I can say I know math. This textbook is a wonderful apporach and gives real life applications for seemingly useless algebra. Great book! If interested in algebra, buy it!

Reviewed by Isaiah T. Brazzell, from DICKSON, TENNESSEE

Reviewed by a reader, from South US
Good textbook. Plenty of examples and a lot of practice problem

Review of Algebra to Go: A Mathematics Handbook

Reviewed by Susan, from Olive Branch, MS United States
For the last three or four years, I have recommended this book to my students' parents. I teach algebra (grade 8) and pre-algebra (grades 7 and 8) and have found that his book is written in a non-threatening, easy to understand manner. It is a perfectly wonderful reference book. Math is scary enough...this book demystifies algebra. Love it!

Reviewed by vellachi, from Cupertino, Ca USA
This is the best reference handbook that parents and teachers will fine it useful for students. Algebra to Go, "demystifies algebra for students in 8 grades and up by explaining key and often complex math topics in a way that's clear, friendly, and understandable". It is also a great refresher for parents who may have forgotten a thing or two about Algebra..

Review of Mission, Algebra

Editorial review
Turn your family PC into a powerful tutor and tackle the nation's No. 1 academic challenge. The Algebra Challenge: For millions of high school students Algebra 1 is the single biggest academic challenge. Abstract concepts and obtuse formulas can make Algebra the most daunting of homework hurdles. Even parents with mathematical ability are often hard pressed to explain. Now, for the first time there is professional help available in the form of a dynamic new PC software program. Why Algebra 1 Achievement Pack? The Simon & Schuster Algebra 1 Achievement Pack delivers curriculum-based content from the nation's leading educational publisher. Together with powerful multimedia tools you can turn your family PC into a one-on-one tutor. Key trouble areas are addressed with this in-depth and achievement-oriented program. Unlike other programs, the achievement pack uses descriptive lessons and the power of multimedia to explain, illustrate and demonstrate. Here's How It Works: Click on a lab to start a lesson Individual labs teach related concepts and thematic materials through a series of progressive activities. Lab 2 uses various aspects of space travel to teach functions and their graphs. This lesson incorporates instruction on: Relating graphs to events Plotting data Ordered pairs Dependent and independent variables Function notation Function rules Using a function to predict events Activities within each lab consist of step-by-step instructions Complex concepts and functions are systematically explored in related exercises. Interactive functions and graphs provide hands-on demonstration. Multimedia tools demonstrate Algebra at work No talking head videos or canned lectures. Quality video clips are used to reinforce a lesson or further demonstrate an algebraic function at work. Achievement made possible with the help of experts The Algebra 1 Achievement Pack was developed by Prentice Hall, one of the nation's leading publishers of math textbooks. This material follows the guidelines set out by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. So, it matches your school's algebra curriculm. System Requirements: Windows#174; 3.1 & or Windows® 95 IBM or Compatible (486 or faster) CPU Windows® 3.1, or Windows® 95; 4 MB of RAM total, 2.4 MB of RAM available 2 MB of Hard Disk space 2x CD-Rom drive 13" VGA monitor (256 colors) Sound Blaster™ and speakers QuickTime™ (installed by software) Macintosh LCII, Performa or Better 5MB RAM System 7 or better 13" Monitor (256 colors) 2X CD-ROM drive (min.) QuickTime (Installed by software)

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