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Review of Algebra 1 Review Guide (R 26 P)

Reviewed by a reader, from USA
I think this book is very stressing! I do not like it at all! You can say that I hate it. If you like Algebra, then you're freakin' nutz! i swear, i had a hard time with it. It should at least have all the answers in the back!! stupid book!

Review of Algebra: an Introductory Course

Reviewed by a reader, from USA
I have used this book for four years in an eighth grade math course which emphasizes building a strong foundation in pre-algebra and some introductory algebra skills in preparation for a full year of algebra in the ninth grade. The text does not do a terrific job of explaining reasons why certain math concepts are valid, but the exercises are at just the right level for my eighth graders who are not in the advanced section. In some years, the course includes only part of this textbook: linear equations, fractions, decimals, percent, ratio, area/volume, and word problems. In other years, more of the material in the textbook has been covered, including harder topics like factoring quadratic polynomials and solving fractional equations. This textbook provides an opportunity for a teacher with a flexible curriculum to create just the right course each year for different groups of students. It could definitely be used for a basic ninth grade course in Algebra 1, but it would not be appropriate for more advanced students, because there are not any really challenging problems like the Mary Dolciani textbooks have.

Review of High School Pre-Algebra Tutor (The High School Tutor Series)

Editorial review
Builds problem-solving skills and a strong foundation for studying more advanced math topics. This book is also valuable for students who are already studying algebra but are having difficulty with the basic concepts. Hundreds of problems are fully worked-out and illustrated in the following topics: integers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, roots and exponents, algebraic equations, inequalities, word problems, plotting graphs, and geometry.

Reviewed by newton fisher, from riverside, ca
If this book had been around when I was in school I might haveliked maths

Review of High School Algebra Tutor (High School Tutors)

Editorial review
Starting with topics under algebraic laws, the book includes linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, logs and exponentials, and extensively illustrated applications to area/perimeters, motion, mixtures/fluid flow, numbers/digits/coins, age, work, proportions, variations, and costs.

Reviewed by a reader, from NJ USA
I bought this book to help me study for my Algebra two class. Overall it is very good. The book gives you many different problems and shows you how to slove them. Algebra Tutor does not go into depth on problems and it is very general. As a refrence book it is a great help.

Review of Practical Algebra

Editorial review
Includes linear matrices, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, and eigenvectors.

Review of EXAMNotes for Introductory Algebra (EXAMNotes)

Editorial review
This book is useful for those who need help in solving day-to-day problems that require arithmetic operations such as fractions, percentages, formulas, and tables. The material is presented in an especially straightforward, simple manner. The book is intend ed for middle and high school students, candidates for standardized tests, adult education students, and anyone who would welcome assistance in dealing with practical problems that occur in every-day living. A large number of practice exercises and tests are included for those who wish to use the book for classroom courses and tests. The book is also highly suitable as a self-teaching guide.

Review of The Best Test Preparation for the CLEP College Algebra Test Preparations)

Editorial review
Included in this book are three full-length practice exams that provide detailed explanations for all exam questions and are based on the most recently administered CLEP subject examination in College Algebra. Also included is an extensive math review that covers all the major principles, types of equations, and mathematical theorems encountered on the exam. A coaching guide that covers how to approach difficult problems in math is also provided. For adults who are planning to enroll in college and are looking to gain credit for College Algebra.

Reviewed by yourlips98, from TX, USA
I took a clpe test yesterday. It was pretty easy. This book really helped me a lot. I also bought other books for college algebra but they were actually more difficult than actual test.If you buy this book and hit the book, you will definitely pass the clep. Good luck!

Reviewed by a reader, from APO, AP USA
Although this book is good to use to brush up on your Algebra skills, it doesn't really help all that much with the actual College Algebra CLEP Test. The book was good at covering the gambit of College Algebra, but lacks in helping to explain the more complex quadratic systems, and graphing problems. It was also weak in helping to explain quadratic sytems using fractions. I still recommend this book over all others that I've seen, but take my advice and get a good College Algebra book to help study the areas of complex systems of equations.

Reviewed by a reader, from Guam
I have bought and studied numerous CLEP guides, and this one has been the best! I was a bit rusty, being out of school for four years, but the guide had 3 practice exams, detailed solutions at the end of each section, and an overview of all the topics that helped me get a perfect score! I don't recommend any of Jack Rudman's CLEP guides however...they go into too much detail instead of effectively teaching what is actually going to be on the test.

Reviewed by suzy89, from US
This is the best book. It helped me to get a perfect score on the CLEP. Without it I never could have down it. I knew nothing and this book taught me everything. Trust me you have got to get it if you are taking the CLEP.

Review of Algebra

Reviewed by a reader, from Clay, NY USA
This book allows the reader to get a basic knoledge of algebra, easily.

Review of Placement Inventory, Levels 1-4 (Algebra)

Editorial review
The first six chapters treat algebraic implications of tiling space or polygons and investigate finite abelian groups, cyclic groups, and automorphisms of real or complex fields. The concluding chapter presents a simplified version of Redei's theorem on finite abelian groups. Can be used as the basis of an undergraduate or graduate seminar, and as a supplementary text for algebra and geometry courses. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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