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Review of Key to Algebra Book 9 Systems of Equations

Editorial review
Supporting NCTM's call for a more visual approach to algebra, these supplementary exercises give students a concrete understanding of abstract algebra concepts! Students see everyday situations represented mathematically through exercises that ask students to picture a visual image (a graph) of a real-life relationship before tackling the equation. Grades 6-12

Reviewed by giftedresearch, from Denver, CO United States
A picture is worth a thousand words, and this book is worth a thousand dollars to an Algebra teacher. It's so much easier to show a graph and ask the students to explain what they see, relating their own experiences, than to give an abstract formula and ask the students to graph their answers. The graph that introduces a concept stays with them throughout the lesson, and becomes the place where they can visualize the process. Sequential learners will also benefit from this approach.

Reviewed by Tom Thalamus, from Chicago, IL
I think all teachers should teach their students visually. When a teacher lectures the whole time kids becomes bored. If you buy this book I garantee youb that you will liven up your students and you will see better results from your students. I love this book because it is filled with interesting problems and really gives a new light to teaching algebra.

Review of Variables and Patterns:: Introducing Algebra

Reviewed by a reader, from Longmont, CO USA
My daughter is being taught from this book. It has no instructions in it what so ever. When she brings it home for homework and unless you know algebra already it is totally useless. It is the most confusing book to work from. Some of the stories in it are not even relevant to the problem or the answers, which make it totally confusing for the student. My recomendation is not to purchase this book and if you school is using it, GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE SCHOOL BOARD AND DON'T TURN BACK!!

Review of Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Editorial review
This volume picks up where Practical Math Success leaves off by getting into greater detail on algebra. There are hundreds of practice exercises without a lot of theory or math jargon that provide essential practice in solving algebra problems, especially word problems. Also, learners will discover the practical applicability of algebra skills to real-world (and real work) problems.

Reviewed by jewels_4_u, from Brooklyn, New York USA
I am planning to go to College as a mature student in Spring and really and truly needed to fully understand Algebra. Well this book is perfect. Step by Step. If you don't understand Algebra after studying this book, you really weren't paying attention. That and it's actually enjoyable. I also bought learn Geometry in 20 minutes a day. And I also feel the same way about that book.

Reviewed by mike rafter, from baltimore, MD
This book along with practical algebra have helped me become a great math student.

Reviewed by a reader, from NY USA
stumbled on this book in a book store after searching for a book for my brother. he just cannot understand the concept well enough because the text he uses in school is written in a fashion that assumes you know some stuff i think a good book is written when an author explains to you like a "dummy" that helps alot i know that because i'm a math tutor. i have spent 6 hours reviewing the style of this book and it really impresses me of how simple and understanding can an author make algebra. I dont quiet remember if there were any big emphasis on exponentials which i think are important, but if i over look this i stand correction. Any way great book it has taught me alot of easier way to do problems. its also great for those who have taken algebra years ago and need a brush up. GO GET IT I'M SERIOUS

Reviewed by a reader, from Alexandria, IN USA
I am a homeschooling mother who is now in the process of teaching one class in algebra and one class in geometry. I did take these classes in high school myself but it has been over 30 years and I barely passed both classes. I had never really grasped some of the basic concepts and now I had to somehow get these concepts across to my children. I do have regular school books to teach from and have been able to do an adequate job but it has been a struggle until I found this book. The basic ideas of algebra are clearly laid out without alot of extra words that are sometimes found in regular texts. You are led step-by-step with tests throughout each chapter to make sure you understand each idea before you go on. A wonderful supplement to the regular text book.

Review of Pre-Algebra Brain Teasers

Editorial review
The Brain Teaser series provides fun ways to exercise and develop brain power! Intriguing activities supplement classroom lessons while stretching students' minds.

Review of How to Succeed in Pre-Algebra, Grades 5-8

Editorial review
Give students that extra boost they need to acquire important concepts in specific areas of math. The goal of these "how to" books is to provide the information and practice necessary to master the math skills established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Each book is divided into units containing concepts, rules, terms, and formulas, followed by corresponding practice pages.

Review of Elementary Algebra: Prepared Tests

Editorial review
Mityushev (applied mathematics, Pedagogical U., Slupsk, Poland) and Rogosin (mathematics and mechanics, Belarusian State U.) draw largely on their own original techniques to present some constructive methods for boundary value problems, both linear and nonlinear. They explore how far scientists can use analytic functions to solve problems in nonlinear mechanics and physics, the difference between linear and nonlinear cases from the quantitative perspective, and the kinds of additional techniques to use on nonlinear problems. Among their results is the complete solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem for multiply connected domains. -- Copyright © 2000 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved

Review of Algebra 1 Assessment Book

Editorial review
The authors (both teach at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India) have distilled the subject into a slim volume of lecture notes useful to graduate students and researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics. The volume provides a self- contained, explicit description of Ocneanu's construction, or TQFT, introducing and discussing its ingredients while employing only genuine triangulations. Finite factors of type II and their bimodules, as well as quantization functors and fusion algebras are also featured.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Review of Testbank-Elementary Algebra 5e

Editorial review
Over the past 20 years, the emergence of clone theory, hyperequational theory, commutator theory and tame congruence theory has led to a growth of universal algebra both in richness and in applications, especially in computer science. Yet most of the classic books on the subject are long out of print and, to date, no other book has integrated these theories with the long-established work that supports them.Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science introduces the basic concepts of universal algebra and surveys some of the newer developments in the field. The first half of the book provides a solid grounding in the core material. A leisurely pace, careful exposition, numerous examples, and exercises combine to form an introduction to the subject ideal for beginning graduate students or researchers from other areas. The second half of the book focuses on applications in theoretical computer science and advanced topics, including Mal'cev conditions, tame congruence theory, clones, and commutators.The impact of the advances in universal algebra on computer science is just beginning to be realized, and the field will undoubtedly continue to grow and mature. Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science forms an outstanding text and offers a unique opportunity to build the foundation needed for further developments in its theory and in its computer science applications.

Review of A Crashcourse in Introductory Algebra: The Hightext Multimedia Development Group

Reviewed by a reader, from California
First of all, the product had poor sound quality. In addition, it crashed my machine in several places. This was a repeatable crash. I have three good bugs for these folks.

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