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Review of College Algebra

Editorial review
Presents a unified treatment for a branch of the theory of functional equations, the main idea being to use the fundamental results about spectral synthesis on discrete abelian groups. Acidic paper. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Review of Introductory Algebra: Models, Concepts &

Editorial review
The book covers the fundamentals of the mechanics of multibody systems, i.e., systems of interconnected rigid bodies. A geometric view is emphasized in which the techniques and algorithms are motivated by the picture of the rigid body system as a point in the multidimensional space of all possible configurations. The reader is introduced to computer algebra methods in the form of a system, called Sophia, which is implemented in the Maple symbolic manipulation system. The first chapter provides a motivational introduction to the basic principles and an introduction to Maple. Kinematics based on the idea of tangent vectors to the configuration manifold sets the stage for dynamical analysis. The latter ranges from the Lagrange and Gibbs-Appell to Kane's equations. Coverage includes nonholonomic systems and redundant variable methods. The computer algebra methods included enable the treatment of nontrivial mechanical systems and the development of efficient numerical codes for simulation.

Review of College Algebra SM

Editorial review
Cellular automata provide one of the most interesting avenuesinto the study of complex systems in general, as well as having anintrinsic interest of their own. Because of their mathematicalsimplicity and representational robustness they have been used tomodel economic, political, biological, ecological, chemical, andphysical systems. Almost any system which can be treated in terms of adiscrete representation space in which the dynamics is based on localinteraction rules can be modelled by a cellular automata. The aim ofthis book is to give an introduction to the analysis of cellularautomata (CA) in terms of an approach in which CA rules are viewed aselements of a nonlinear operator algebra, which can be expressed incomponent form much as ordinary vectors are in vectoralgebra. Although a variety of different topics are covered, thisviewpoint provides the underlying theme. The actual mathematics usedis not hard, and the material should be accessible to anyone with ajunior level university background, and a certain degree ofmathematical maturity.

Review of An Algebraic Approach to Compiler Design

Editorial review
Investigates the design of compilers for procedural languages, based on the algebraic laws which these languages satisfy. Covers the concepts and notation of the reasoning language and procedures, recursion and parameters.

Review of Intermediate Algebra, Step-By-Step Ez Math Cards

Editorial review
Intended for first- or second-year university level algebra students, this lecture notes-based volume addresses the fundamental concepts and basic properties on groups, rings, modules, and fields, including the interplay between them and other mathematical branches and applied aspects. Throughout, homomorphisms and homomorphism theorems are emphasized, while minimal "structure theorems" material is covered. Requires basic level linear algebra.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Review of Algebra from A to Z, Volume 4

Editorial review
Appearing in five thin volumes rather than a single mammoth one, this undergraduate-level textbook covers the major topics of elementary algebra. It includes a review of basic arithmetic as well as material on irrational numbers, functions and linear equations, quadratic equations, graphing, inequalities, set theory, mathematical induction, the binomial theorem, polynomials, summation notation, basic probability theory, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices and determinants, trigonometry, vector algebra, and the Peano axioms. Goodman teaches mathematics at the University of South Florida.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Review of Algebra: Tools for a Changing World

Reviewed by xiao hong jin, from Shanghai China
Please advise if this book has been translated into Chinese, I will be very interested if you have Chinese version of this book, please advise.

Review of Algebra 2: An Incremental Development: Home Study

Reviewed by a reader, from USA
this alebra book is great. it taught me geometry and advanced algebra at the same time. it is a combonation of two books in one.

Review of CliffsQuickReview Algebra II [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER]

Editorial review
A comprehensive review guide to help you refresh your study. This guide is particularly useful for midterms and final exams, condensing a semester's worth of information into one concise volume. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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