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Review of Investigation Advanced Algebra with the TI-92

Editorial review
Investigating Advanced Algebra with the TI-92, Brendan Kelly, 1996. 95 pp., $16.95. ISBN 1-895997-05-4; Investigating Calculus with the TI-92, Brendan Kelly, 1997. 95 pp., $16.95. ISBN 1-895997-07-0; Investigating Statistics with the TI-92, Brendan Kelly, 1997. 96 pp., $16.95. ISBN 1-895997-06-2. Brendan Kelly Publishing, 2122 Highview Dr., Burlington, ON L7R 3X4, (905) 335-3359.At its best, technology allows students to explore and discover mathematical concepts to aid in their understanding. These books provide a wide variety of engaging activities that can help students learn mathematical concepts with the TI-92. Students and teachers will enjoy throughout these books the historical vignettes and cartoons that motivate, enlighten, and entertain. The pages are filled with stories, applications, mathematical discussion, examples, solutions, exercises, and investigations. With or without the T1.92, students-can benefit from the wealth of connections that are made in b! ! ringing historical perspective and modem technology together in solving interesting problems. Keying sequences guide students through the TI-92 menus while the accompanying discussion develops the mathematics.Investigating Advanced Algebra with the TI-92 has units that include 'Patterns and Properties of Numbers,"'Polynomials and Rational Functions," 'Transcendental Functions,' and "Matrices, Linear Systems and Linear Programming."Investigating Calculus with the TI-92 begins with a unit on sequences and series and then proceeds to investigations on limits, the derivative, and integrals. In Investigating Statistics with the TI-92, the topics include numerical and graphical descriptions of data, sampling, probability, Monte Carlo techniques, regression, and simulations.These books bring a human dimension to the study of mathematics while showcasing how technology makes interesting problems accessible to students. With so much to offer, they will certainly help students master co! ! ncepts and learn about the power of the TI-92.-Susan Kornstein, Rye Country Day School, Rye, 1VY 10580.

Review of Advanced Algebra with the TI-89

Editorial review
This book is a collection of seventeen explorations in precalculus mathematics. Each exploration includes a brief exposition, some worked examples, and about ten student exercises. The explorations fall into five different units: sequences and series; number theory, including some theory of equations; complex numbers; combinatorics and probability; and matrices, linear systems, and linear programming.Since this book covers only part of a typical advanced algebra or precalculus syllabus, it is perhaps most useful as a teacher resource or a source of enrichment for students capable of independent work in mathematics. As such, the book has much to recommend it. Some of the more interesting problems involve using Stirling's formula for approximation of factorials, Verhulst's logistic equation, and Mendel's experiments. The author has included some short programs, with no more than about fifteen lines, that teachers and students might find useful. Such programs, for exampl! ! e, will enable the user to solve a linear Diophantine equation, find the sum of a sequence too long for the TI-83 memory, or spend several hours drawing the Julia set on the calculator screen.Albert Goetz, Ramaz School, New York, NY 10021.

Reviewed by S. Varah, from United Kingdom
This book places more emphasis on the calculators ability to do the work for you, it doesn't explain what the calculator is doing in order to get the solution. Its really aimed at high school kids who don't have any knowledge of calculus and the mathematical jokes don't win any prizes. Overall I would reccomend you go for a maths book and not this book.

Reviewed by a reader, from San Diego, CA United States
The book was helpful in learning how to solve matrices and other advanced algebra problems. It also had some mathematical history jokes which were appropriate. It gave some very helpful steps in learning the details of the TI-89, and the easiest way to use it. I would recommend this book to other students, either high school, or college level to gain insight into their TI-89 before using it in class.

Reviewed by Sean Adair Ross, from Kent, WA USA
The layout for this book was great! The table of contents of this book has the subjects listed so you can browse to what the instructor is covering quickly. When you get to the subject you are covering in the book the author gives a math review of history on the subject of math and how it relates with example problems. Then he covers step-by-step instructions on how to enter the data into the TI-89 (this was very helpful for me) and then shows what the calculator's results should be. I would recommend this book as a stepping stone for beginners who plan on taking Pre-Calculus in the future with the TI-89. I purchased this book to help me in Pre-Calculus entering basic data that was covered in previous Algebra classes. I have not had much experience with the TI-89 and this book was very helpful in certain subjects than the handbook that came with the TI-89 calculator.

Review of Algebra with the TI-83 Plus & TI-83 Plus SE

Editorial review
An earlier version of this book for the TI-83 was favorably reviewed in The Mathematics Teacher.

Reviewed by a reader, from US
This book has numerous fun, thought-provoking exercises for the motivated algebra student. It includes material on sequences, series, number theory (integers & complex numbers), combinatorics, probability, matrices, linear systems & linear programming.This book is NOT a replacement for either an introductory algebra book or introductory material covering the use of the TI-83 Plus; perhaps an earlier, negative reviewer expected it to to take the place of basic class instruction. It is, however, a challenging & useful companion book which provides exercises above & beyond a standard algebra textbook. I have no affiliation with the author or anyone else connected with the book. I'm a very satisfied customer enjoying the challenges posed by the book, even though some are more advanced than my current level of knowledge.

Reviewed by a reader, from elgin, il United States
This is not the right book if you want to learn algebra and use the ti 83. Keep the 20 bucks in your pocket and pass it by. Its algebra title must be a missprint!

Review of Focus on Pre-Algebra

Editorial review
Provides an exposition of orthoganal decompositions of complex simple Lie algebras and associated invariant Euclidean lattices. The text is divided into two parts. In Part I, the main result is the complete classification of complex simple Lie algebras admitting orthogonal decompositions with irreducible automorphism groups. Part II is devoted to integral Euclidean lattices and their automorphism groups. New series of even unimodular lattices are discovered which lead to integral realizations of several sporadic simple groups and simple groups of Lie type. Recent work by N. Elkies, R. Gow, and B.H. Gross on lattice constructions associated with minimal projective representations of finite groups of Lie type and elliptic curves is studied. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Review of A Elementary and Intermediate Algebra

Editorial review
Timing issues are of growing importance for the conceptualization and design of computer-based systems. Timing may simply be essential for the correct behaviour of a system, e.g. of a controller. Even if timing is not essential for the correct behaviour of a system, there may be good reasons to introduce it in such a way that suitable timing becomes relevant for the correct behaviour of a complex system. This book is unique in presenting four algebraic theories about processes, each dealing with timing from a different point of view, in a coherent and systematic way. The timing of actions is either relative or absolute and the underlying time scale is either discrete or continuous. All presented theories are extensions of the algebra of communicating processes. The book is essential reading for researchers and advanced students interested in timing issues in the context of the design and analysis of concurrent and communicating processes.

Review of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Course (with Digital Video Companion CD-ROM)

Editorial review
Presents a unified theory, with focus on categorical concepts generalizing the notions of separable and Frobenius algebras, and discussing relations with smash products, Galois theory and descent theory. Softcover.

Review of Pre-Algebra, Book 1 (Straight Forward Math Series/Book 1)

Editorial review
This textbook presents a survey of research on boolean functions, circuits, parallel computation models, function algebras, and proof systems. Its main aim is to elucidate the structure of "fast" parallel computation. The complexity of parallel computation is emphasized through a variety of techniques ranging from finite combinatorics, probability theory and finite group theory to finite model theory and proof theory. Nonuniform computation models are studied in the form of boolean circuits; uniform ones in a variety of forms. Steps in the investigation of non-deterministic polynomial time are surveyed as is the complexity of various proof systems. The book will benefit advanced undergraduates and graduate students as well as researchers in the field of complexity theory.

Review of Key to Algebra Book 8 Graphs

Editorial review
The aim of this work is the definition of the polyhedral compactification of the Bruhat-Tits building of a reductive group over a local field. In addition, an explicit description of the boundary is given. In order to make this work as self-contained as possible and also accessible to non-experts in Bruhat-Tits theory, the construction of the Bruhat-Tits building itself is given completely.

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