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Review of Elementary Algebra Review

Editorial review
This workbook is designed for use in any elementary algebra course or by any student needing to retrace typical elementary algebra problems. Upon completion of these review problems, the student should feel comfortable taking any entrance or placement test or final exam involving elementary algebra. There is a comprehensive review which contains problems for all nine units. Answers are provided for all problems so that students can check their answers.

Review of Pre-Algebra, Book 1 (Straight Forward Math Series/Book 1)

Editorial review
This valuable study guide provides a modern introduction to linear algebra for people studying or practicing in any of the varied fields of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, economics, statistics and engineering. The hundreds of problems solved step-by-step illustrate and reinforce key points. And 390 additional problems help students review the information in each chapter and consolidate their knowledge.

Reviewed by JOSEPH M JAGELLA, from Pennsylvania
I've used many Schaum's books before, and most of them were very good because they were well written and explained concepts and techniques clearly. "Beginning Linear Algebra," however, was not as good as most of the other books in the series. It suffers from long chapter outlines, poor explanations, and many errors both in the explanations and answers to problems. Nevertheless, this book does provide a lot of good practice problems with answers. So I would recommend this book as a supplement to a regular text and not as a primary source of information about linear algebra.

Review of Applications, Concepts and Technology in Algebra

Editorial review
Designed for a freshmen-level course in college algebra, this new text uses technology to promote conceptual understanding as well as exploration and modeling of real-world problems. The text focuses on the function concept to prepare students for the study of calculus, while its focus on mathematical modeling helps students see how math is used in the real world. ACT in Algebra is intended for both the student taking college algebra as a preparation for calculus and the student taking the course to satisfy a mathematical requirement.

Review of Key to Algebra Book 8 Graphs

Editorial review
This text is designed to teach prospective business employees, managers, and owners how to complete business calculations and how to apply them to realistic business situations. Concepts are clearly and concisely explained. Illustrations, worked-out ex-amples, practice exercises, word problems, and business applica-tions are provided to reinforce students' understanding.

Review of Schaum's Outline of Elementary Algebra

Editorial review
This study guide makes algebra much easier to understand. It proves ideal for newcomers and also for those who want a quick, yet thorough review. Comprehension is accelerated and reinforced, and the applications of algebra made clear, through numerous problems with step-by-step solutions. Additional practice problems with answers let students measure their progress as they hone their skills.

Reviewed by Masaki Kondoh, from Yokohama, JAPAN
This book is suitable for both bad and good students at mathematics. Firstly, each category is explained easily but briefly. Secondly, there are many questions, so you can get used to each category and can solve many questions quickly. For another thing, this book is so compact that you can bring anywhere you go and read it. Finally but the most importantly, this book is excellent for people using English as a mother tongue. It is because my mother tongue is Japanese.

Reviewed by Luis Magallanes ( magbravluis@hotmail.com), from USA, Mission High School, San Francisco
I have been teaching since 1980 and I have been following Schaum's Collection also since I was a College student. Now, I am teaching Math at Mission High School in San Francisco and I have noticed that many of the exercises (maybe all of them) give students the increasingly maturity to become selfconfidents in math. Our scores went up!

Review of Schaum's Outline of Intermediate Algebra

Editorial review
You donOt need to be a math genius to do well in algebra! This plain-English guide to intermediate algebra explains what algebra is all about, in language thatOs easy to understand. Then it shows you how to solve every kind of problem that youOll find on your tests, step-by-step! You get 885 completely worked problems, with each step in their solutions. More than a thousand additional problems let you test your skills, then check the answers. So comprehensive that it can be used alone as a complete independent study course, this solved-problem study guide is the perfect review for college algebra. It even includes instructions on using calculators, as well as effective study skill suggestions!

Reviewed by Stephen, from Tucson,AZ
Best math-problem book I have come accross. The book does all different types of problems, and works them out step by step. Highly reccomended.

Reviewed by llh18, from Jacksonville, FL United States
This book was a great study guide to use when I took Intermediate Algebra last term. I used it a lot with homework assignments because it broke down problems into simpler terms. If you are looking for a good stusy guide, I reccommend this one.

Reviewed by a reader, from Baltimore, MD United States
As a college math instructor, I bought this book to see if would be useful for students who struggle with math. I was completely impressed with the layout of this study guide! The Intermediate Algebra text by Schaum's explains every concept clearly and carefully, from basic solving of linear equations to graphing of lines and simplifying rational expressions. Many texts at this level do not bother to explain all the little things as thoroughly as this one does, but that is EXACTLY what a struggling student needs to see. It also provides several worked-out examples and practice problems in every section. If you are having trouble with Intermediate Algebra, this may be all the "tutoring" you'll need!

Review of Algebra for the Utterly Confused

Editorial review
Students and professionals alike must tap into their knowledge of algebra everyday, whether it's for the SATs, college courses, or even the workplace. Author Larry Stephens presents a super-accessible approach to the subject that even the most math-phobic student can follow, featuring simplified rules and techniques based on real-world problems that use the principles of algebra for their solutions. Algebra for the Utterly Confused offers a user-friendly, logical, step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of algebra, integrating contemporary software as one of the key tools to assist in the solutions of the problems, including MINITAB, Excel spreadsheets, and Maple. Handy icons help students visualize concepts and techniques More than 200 solved problems and examples aid students in working out algebraic solutions Summary of key points for every chapter reinforces covered topics

Reviewed by william borg, from chicago, IL United States
.... and I have little to compare this book to. Relatively good, tho not perfect. On page 147, they show how to derive the lowest common denominator, go thru the steps, but appear to skip one detail-which isnt at all obvious. I was able to consult a library book I had & get a decent explanation. Yes, this text had the correct answer, but didnt show u one of the steps. Then they go on to show how to do the same lowest common denominator for adding a bunch of equations. At the end, they say u cant use certain values, but the finished equation gives u no hint as to why not. This book often refers to "MAPLE", a software program that rearranges equations for u. Its ok if u dont have the software, the learning duznt hinge on it. And its nice to know that there is such software. Overall, being very nearly done w/ the book, I think its pretty good. I took 10 math books out of the library. Why? Trying to learn game programming, and I knew my math was weak. Wasnt sure what the difference between algebra & geometry was any more, they were a hopeless mix of memories in my mind. Eventually, I'll need to break down & buy something, for now, I'm deciding based on study of free library books. I think u'd be Ok w/ this book. I only wrote a review cuz no one else has written anything. I say, got to the library & then later, decide which book to buy for yer own.

Review of Bob Miller's Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for the Clueless

Editorial review
Bob Miller's fail-safe methodology helps students grasp basic math and pre-algebra All of the courses in the junior high, high school, and college mathematics curriculum require a thorough grounding in the fundamentals, principles, and techniques of basic math and pre-algebra, yet many students have difficulty grasping the necessary concepts. Utilizing the author's acclaimed and patented fail-safe methodology for making mathematics easy to understand, Bob Miller's Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for the Clueless enhances students' facility in these techniques and in understanding the basics. This valuable new addition to Bob Miller's Clueless series provides students with the reassuring help they need to master these fundamental techniques, gives them a solid understanding of how basic mathematics works, and prepares them to perform well in any further mathematics courses they take.

Reviewed by a reader, from Portland, OR United States
I can't figure out who this book is for. The author states that it's "written for those who want to get a jump on algebra and for those returning to school, perhaps after a long time". I fall into the latter category, but the book isn't particularly helpful to me. The presentation seems silly (or annoying, as the reviewer below says) and lacking. The author states, "In order to get maximum benefit from this book, you must practice. Do many exercises until you are very good with each of the skills." There are no exercises in the book, however, for the student to do. Each concept is explained with several problems and solutions as examples, but there are no separate problems for students to solve on their own. The author states that his "practical dream is to have someone sponsor a math series from prealgebra through calculus so everyone in our country will be able to think well and keep our country number one forever." If this book is an example of thinking well, our country is in deep trouble. Fortunately, I'm not as xenophobic as the author, and would be happy to use a math book from another country if it's written better than this one.

Reviewed by a reader, from Coopersville, MI United States
Overall this book was helpful to me in reviewing for the GMAT exam. Unfortunately the author had a hideous writing habit that he used throughout the book. As he would explain various topics he would add additional letters to particular words. For example: "..." At first I thought this was a typo, but it occurs on page after page with different words and is terribly distracting. I can't believe an editor would let this get through. I don't know if this was meant to be cute or what, but it is just...annoying.Additionally, for a book that is obviously designed for those of us who are clueless about algebra, Mr Miller would often start off explaining new topics by stating something to the effect that he once thought this topic was hard, but now he doesn't nor do his students, so the reader should do super well. Excuse me, but if algebra came easily to me I wouldn't have bought this book!

Reviewed by a reader, from IN USA
I bought this book to help me brush up on the algebra I had in college. The fact that it's for the clueless, I figured I had half a chance to recall what I already thought I knew but needed to brush up on. The writer reminded me of my college professor. The math was easy to him, but he explained it as if it were easy to the reader as well. He seemed to have forgotten I was clueless. The other problem was the writer explained procedures for figuring out a problem but omitt a step until you came across an example where that omitted information would have been helpful. After I got the problem wrong, then the omitted information would be revealed. The writer kept me a step or two behind and therefore confused as I spent most of my time trying to figure out how the correct answer was determined insted of being taught how to arrive at the correct answer. I gave it two stars because it did temporarily motivate me to get started, and I thought price was good compared to some of the other books, but I guess you get what you paid for.

Review of Key to Algebra Book 7 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Editorial review
This ancillary contains worked-out solutions and answers to all odd-numbered problems in the text.

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