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Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations

Calculating Pages...

Other Statistical Resources...

First -- Choose the right test! []

There are a bewildering number of statistical analyses out there, and choosing the right one for a particular set of data can be a daunting task. Here are some web pages that can help:

  1. "Selecting Statistics", (Cornell). This is an interactive set of web pages to help you select the right kind of analysis to perform on your data. It asks you a simple series of questions about your data (how many variables, etc.), then makes recommendations about the best test to perform.
  2. Choosing a Statistical Test, Chapter 37 of Dr. Harvey Motulsky's book Intuitive Biotatistics.
  3. The very extensive test-selection routine used in Dr. Robert Knodt's MODSTAT statistical package.

Calculators, Plotters, Function Integrators, and Interactive Programming Environments...[]

Probability Distribution Functions: Tables, Graphs, Random Number Generators... []

Descriptive Statistics, Histograms, Charts... []

Confidence Intervals, Single-Population Tests, Measurement Errors... []

Sample Comparisons: t-Tests, ANOVAs, Non-parametric Comparisons... []

Contingency Tables, Cross-tabs, Chi-Square Tests... []

Regression, Correlation, Least Squares Curve-fitting, Non-parametric Correlation... []

Analysis of Survival Data... []

  • Cox Proportional Hazards Survival Regression Analysis (JavaScript)
  • A faster version of Cox Proportional Hazards Analysis (JavaScript)
  • Comparison of Two Survival Distributions, using data from a data file in your computer (many different file types are supported). A graph is returned to your browser with the two survival curves plotted, along with the estimated relative risk, standard error and p-value.

Bayesian Methods... []

  • Bayes' theorem calculations -- takes prior probabilities and conditional probabilities, and calculates revised probabilities. (great for solving certain kinds of brain teaser puzzles) (JavaScript)
  • Bayesian calculations for diagnostic tests -- computes interrelationships among true pos, true neg, false pos, false neg, prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, and likelihood ratios. (JavaScript)
  • Calculate the post-test probability of an outcome (disease) from prior probability (prevalence) of the disease, and from the sensitivity and specificity of the test (Java)
  • Sequential Experimental Design for testing the probability ratios (JavaScript)
  • 2-by-2 table analysis (Chi-Square, sensitivity, odds ratio, relative risk, etc. with confidence intervals (JavaScript)
  • for 2-by-2 table, with odds ratio, relative risk, etc. with confidence intervals (the results page is very nicely formatted for printing out!)
  • Wald's Sequential Probability Ratio's -- for designing a sequential experiment in which a decision is made after each observation either to accept the null hypothesis, accept the alternate hypothesis, or acquire more observations.

Other Statistical Tests and Analyses... []

Specialized and Discipline-Specific Tests and Analyses... []

Martindale's Reference Desk -  Calculators On-Line - Statistics (the grand-daddy of all compendia of calculating web pages)

Power, Sample Size and Experimental Design Calculations... []

Check out the large number of power and sample size calculators at the UCLA Statistics website. Many of them are included below.