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Pascal Programs for

Scientists and Engineers

The following listings are from my book: Borland Pascal Programs for Scientists and Engineers, Copyright © 1993, (SYBEX) ISBN 0-7821-1150-5

These Pascal programs can be viewed or downloaded. To view a file, click the left mouse button on the file name. Then, parts of the file can be copied by dragging the left mouse button through the text (and pressing ^C if in MS Windows). Paste the information in another application with the middle mouse button (X Window) or by pressing ^V (MS Windows).

Download a copy of a file by clicking with the right mouse button and picking "Save Target/Link As" from the menu. In the dialog box, select the directory where you want it to be saved.

These programs are designed to run with the Windows version of Borland Pascal. Therefore, for the DOS version, two changes must be made:

  1. Change the third line to: USES Crt
  2. Remove the next to last line: DoneWinCrt
File names for the original Pascal source programs are given in one of three ways:
  1. Main programs have the corresponding figure number. For example:
    • LIST11 is from Listing 1.1
    • LIST11-1 is from Listing 11.1
    • LIST11D is the double-precision version of Listing 1.1
  2. Procedures have the INCLUDE name and appear first. For example:
    • SQUARE is Listing 3.2
    • GAUSSJ is Listing 4.4
  3. Main programs created by combining listings, have the main program name For Example: NEWTON4 combines Listing 8.3 and 8.4

o Arc tangent, Listing 1.3 o Arc sine, Listing 1.4 o Arc cosine, Listing 1.5
o Meanstd, Listing 2.1 o Sort, Listing 6.2 o Newton4, Listings 8.3 and 8.4

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