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  Product Objective
Proposed Approach
Implementation Considerations

Change History

1.0 Project Preferences

The five projects that our team decided to bid on are (in the order of preference, ranking the most preferred to the least):

  1. Trouble Ticket and Service Tracking System
  2. Austin Bio Diversity Project
  3. J.O.Y. Agents support tool
  4. Racing Along the Number Line
  5. Pre-Algebra Equation Tool

Our team would like to pursue projects that are both technically challenging and enjoyable to the end user. We are all interested in database systems and Flash and are eager to learn more. The first project is interesting to us due to its complexity and importance; the other four are interesting because they involve creating content that is fun for both the developer and the end user.

2.0 Qualifications and Tradeoffs

  1. We are most interested in our first two choices for projects. For these two projects our team believes that we can take the products beyond simple web development into interactive and user-friendly sites that will attract visitors. The last three projects are for elementary school students and we are very eager to create a product that will allow students at this level to share in the fun of math and excitement.

  2. We feel very confident in our creative ability to develop web-based interfaces that are dynamic and exciting and that attract visitors. Our team is experienced in using Flash for web development and has a great deal of creativity due to the diversity in backgrounds of our team members.

  3. In order to maximize our team's potential, we feel that either the Trouble ticket and Service Tracking System or Austin Bio Diversity project would be the best choice for our team.

  4. We have members with strong experience in C++, HTML, Web graphics, Animated GIFS, Java Script, Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

3.0 Trouble Ticket and Service Tracking System Center

3.1 Project Objectives

Produce a web-based database to track problem reports, computer services, and hardware/software used in each computer lab, along with appropriate reporting mechanism.

3.2 Proposed Approach

We would like to design a system that is easy for both users and administrators to use. The interface will be split into two different sections: one for users submitting a problem report and one for administrators to see and report on the problems. A user can submit a specific problem about one computer or a maintenance request for all machines in a given room. The request will go into the database and the system will send an email to the appropriate administrator. At any time, the user can log onto the system and check on the status of their report and the administrator can log on to see all of the current reports and information about all of the machines.

3.3 Implementation Considerations

We propose to use MySQL for a database backend, which will run on Linux. We suggest implementing this database as an ODBC datasource and design the rest of our system to use ODBC, which would allow flexibility for different database systems (Informix, Microsoft SQL, D-Base, and others). This would allow the database to be ported from Linux to a Windows Server system and still work with the user interface and other scripts. The user interface would be done in HTML with embedded ASP code for database queries. We like this project because it is very challenging and there is a lot for us to learn. Many of us have SQL and ASP experience, and those who don't are eager to learn.

4.0 Austin Bio-Diversity Project

4.1 Product Objective

The objective of this project is to create the template for an information archive to support efforts to track bio-diversity changes around Austin.

4.2 Proposed Approach

We want to add support for GPS mapping and provide a method for supplying GPS coordinates to a database or script based on the location the user selects on the map. We also propose to improve the graphics on the site and add more content to the rest of the site.

4.3 Implementation Considerations

The current map would be replaced with a map created in flash. The new map will be more interactive, easier to navigate, and will generate GPS coordinates based on wherever the user clicks. We even plan to add enough functionality in the map so that a later team can easily integrate an information database with the existing map.

5.0 J.O.Y. Agents support tool

5.1 Project Objectives

Expand the J.O.Y. Agents website with web-based tools for teachers and students.

5.2 Proposed Approach

We propose to enhance the website by adding content to the new section of the website titled "Become a JOY Agent,". We also want to include a game, a scrapbook, and online chat. We belive this will surely improve the popularity of the website. Currently, the "Become a JOY Agent" link is not working; we want to fix this and update other areas of the website, including updating pictures and biography information. If the client wishes to do so, we would also digitize some of the JOY Agents footage and place them on the website. Putting the video online would add more content to the site and thereby increase its popularity.

5.3 Implementation Considerations

Some of the new content can be done in Flash, like the game and scrapbook. We propose to create graphics for the new content in Photoshop and record sound files for a more interactive experience. We suggest using HTML and Javascript to update the rest of the site. If we do digitize the footage, we propose to digitize it as streaming ASF format for easy downloading and viewing.

6.0 Racing Along the Number Line

6.1 Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to develop a fun tool to help elementary school children learn about adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.

6.2 Proposed Approach

We want to create an interactive tool that would be fun and easy for the young student users. We propose creating a game that requires the user to drag a car forward or backwards based on the addition/subtraction operand presented. For example, let us consider a sample problem put forward to the user - '+5 - 6'. The car starts at 0 by default, and the user will have to drag the car forward five units to pass the first stage, which in this case is the first half of the problem, namely the '+5' part. Then in the next phase, the user will have to move the car back 6 units to -1. To make the game more interactive, we intend to keep the score as a dollar amount, and the user will earn "money" for every problem answered correctly and will be fined for every incorrect answer. After obtaining enough money, the user would be able to purchase better cars. This would be helpful in enchancing user interest.

6.3 Implementation Consideration

We'd expect that this game could be done in Flash, HTML, and Javascript. We propose to record sounds and create graphics with Photoshop to make the game more enjoyable to kids.

7.0 Pre-Algebra Equation Tool

7.1 Project Objectives

The purpose of this project is to develop a tool to help students learn and practice skills with basic equations.

7.2 Proposed Approach

We propose to develop a game that is based on the popular TV show "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire." Our game would be titled "Who Wants to Be A Mathematician" and would reward players for answering algebra questions correctly. The player would have three life-lines, like the TV show, and we would generate artificial responses for the life-lines. For example, we would record sound files for the "phone-a-friend" life-line. We think this would be a very entertaining way to teach students pre-algebra.

7.3 Implementation Considerations

This game would be done in Flash or Javascript/HTML, depending on the client's wishes.

Change History

Version Release Date Modification(s)
1.0 09/20/02 Initial Release of Project Bid.
1.1 09/25/02 Fixed some formatting problems (headers, extra whitespace), added Table of Contents header, removed Change History section number, modified some wording and content.
1.2 10/10/02 Corrected minor grammatical errors, updated header of page and edited some of the content in sections 4, 5 and 6.
2.0 12/14/02 Finalized the document.