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Quadratic Functions: An Algebra I Unit

Daily Lesson Plans
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Review of Linear Equations and an Introduction to Quadratics
Students will demonstrate mastery of linear functions by connecting linear concepts to quadratic concepts.  In this manner, students will gain a general understanding of what a quadratic is, the different representations, and note important points of interest.
Susan Edwards
Graphing Quadratic Equations
Students will demonstrate understanding of the quadratic formula from previous homework and apply those understandings to graphs of quadratic equations.  Students will also understand the importance of the min/max point and zeros.
Solving by Factoring
Students will be introduced to factoring quadratic equations.  The students are already familiar with factoring monomials, and this will be an extension of that knowledge.
April Brown
Factoring Practice
Students will present problems from the previous day's homework to the class and then play a "Concentration" factoring game in groups of four.
Solving by Completing the Square
In this lesson, the teacher will present a new concept to the class. This class consists of direct instruction on the method of completing the square.
Casey Nave
Solving by using the Quadratic Formula
In this lesson, the teacher will present a new concept to the class.  This class consists of direct instruction on the method of the quadratic formula and an interactive classroom activity to practice the quadratic formula, completing the square, and factoring.
Review, Notebook Quiz, and Game
This is a review day for the unit on quadratic functions. Students will ask questions about the previous night's homework on the quadratic formula, have a notebook quiz, and play a review game.
Julia Lee
Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and then take a test on the concepts covered over the course of the unit. Students who complete the test before the end of class will get to do a "Web Exploration."

Connections to Standards

North Carolina Standard Course of Study
Algebra 1 4.02 Graph, factor, and evaluate quadratic functions to solve problems.

Algebra: High school students should have substantial experience in exploring the properties of different classes of functions. For instance, they should learn that the function f(x) = x2 – 2x – 3 is quadratic, that its graph is a parabola, and that the graph opens "up" because the leading coefficient is positive. They should also learn that some quadratic equations do not have real roots and that this characteristic corresponds to the fact that their graphs do not cross the x-axis. And they should be able to identify the complex roots of such quadratics.