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Thank you for visiting our site! You landed on this page because you entered a search term similar to this: addition and subtraction of fractions worksheets lcd, here's the result:
Pencil and a piece of paper

Directions:  Complete the worksheet by reading each square and connecting to the links.






and write 3 fractions and draw a picture of each one.



 We will now discover that geometry is also a part of fractions.  Learn about the four geometric shapes listed in  Geometric Patterns by following the steps.  Just complete the EVEN numbered problems.  Then check your answers.

Now that you have worked with some fractions, you can find fractions that are equivalent, or equal to each other.  Click on Funbrain
and choose the medium level and play a game against Jackson.  Record whether you won or lost.



It is time to add fractions.  Click on Add Fractions
and read the red box.  Then scroll down to the yellow box and choose "Countdown."  See how many problems you can do in 60 seconds.  Record how many problems you could do.

Remember the same rules apply to subtracting fractions with like denominators.  Play another game of "Countdown" at Subtracting Fractions
 and record your results.

Remember when you add and subtract fractions with different denominators, you need to find the Least Common Denominator (LCD).  Practice this by clicking on Add/Subtract Fractions
Read through the lesson and then click on  "try some" to practice.  Show your work on your paper.  Then check your answers.


Now it is time to multiply.    and read through the story about Bobby.  Then practice multiplying fractions and click on "get score" to see how you did.  Remember to show your work on your paper and record your score.


Remember when you divide fractions, you must multiply by the reciprocal of the second fraction.  Play  Soccer Shootout and record how you did.