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Math 140: Unit 2

Target Date: Monday Sept. 13
Deadline: Thursday Oct. 7

Note: The information on this page is for the 7th edition of the textbook.
for the 6th edition information.

Table of Contents:

Unit 2 starts with A.5, which is a review of solving linear equations, quadratic equations, and equations with absolute values. Then we study the Rectangular Coordinates in 1.1, Graphs of Equations in 1.2, and Lines in 1.3

In order to be successful in later math, science, and business courses, it is extremely important to be able to perform basic algebra manipulations. Therefore, calculators will not be allowed on the Unit 2 Exam

Study Guidelines for the 7th edition of Sullivan's Precalculus

These reading and problem assignments are designed to help you learn the course material. You should complete all of these problems, check your answers in the back of the textbook, and get help with the problems that you missed. Most of the problems are odd-numbered, so you can check the solutions in the Solutions Manual.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics, so while these problems will not be collected or graded, you will probably not do well in the course if you do not complete these and check your work as described above. After completing these problems, go on to the Unit Exam Description below and follow directions.

Unit 2 Pretest and Exam Description
After completing the above work, do the following:


Unit 2 Checklist

Make sure that you have finished the following items to complete Unit 2:

  • Read the material listed in the Study Guidelines.
  • Practice the problems listed in the Study Guidelines, and use any of the listed supplementary material to help you understand the concepts.
  • Complete the online Unit Pretest (read the exam description first).
  • Complete the online proctored Unit Exam.