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Outcome Summary Fundamental Mathematics


Fundamental Mathematics

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Western Wisconsin Technical College


Victoria Danielson

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Jolene Hartwick

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This course highlights the essentials of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. This course includes a review of operations with fractions and decimals, and includes operations with percent, scientific notation, unit conversions, perimeter, area, volume, basic algebra, equations and formulas, right triangles, data graphs, and descriptive statistics.


  1. Placement scores (ACT-16+)(ASSET-37+)(COMPASS-34+).
  2. A student entering fundamental math should have whole number arithmetic skills.
  3. A student entering fundamental math should be able to perform arithmetic operations with fractions and decimals.
  4. A student entering fundamental math should have a conceptual knowledge of perimeter, area, and volume; and be able to identify common geometric shapes
  5. A student entering fundamental math should be able to read and interpret line, bar, and circle graphs as seen in magazines and newspapers.


  1. Develop mathematic and problem solving skills that include accuracy, correct use of order of operations and procedures, use of calculator or measurement tools, use of appropriate geometric formulas, interpretation of data, and use of variables in algebraic expressions and equations.


  1. Slater, Jeffrey; and Tobey, John   Basic College Mathematics   5th   Prentice Hall  1998
    This textbook is required ISBN #:0131678639
  2. WWTC Math Dept Handout   Fundamentals of Math supplement        
    This textbook is required

Core Abilities

  • Demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • Demonstrate mathematical skills
  • Apply scientific concepts
  • Identify and solve problems, applying knowledge in a critical, creative, and ethical manner
  • Recognize the value of self and others in order to be a productive member of a diverse global society
  • Evaluate and use information technology effectively




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