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Thank you for visiting our site! You landed on this page because you entered a search term similar to this: simultaneous nonlinear equation solver.We have an extensive database of resources on simultaneous nonlinear equation solver. Below is one of them. If you need further help, please take a look at our software "Algebrator", a software program that can solve any algebra problem you enter! 


Numerical Solutions for Scientific and Engineering Mathematical Problems


Polymath Highlights:

   Extremely Easy-to-Use

   Excellent Problem Solving Capabilities

   Now Works to Provide Excel Solutions

  Automated Export of Problems to Excel

  Enables Stand-Alone Excel Calculations

  Provides Differential Equations Add-In for Excel (Ode_Solver)

  Promotes the Use of Other Excel Add-Ins such as Aspen Properties that can provide access to physical property databases.


Polymath User Friendly Features:

*     Intuitive mathematical equation entry

*     Flexible variable naming

*     Full screen editor with color coding for equation entry

*     Equation syntax checking upon entry with extensive error messages

*     Variable tracking during problem entry to aid preparation of error-free solution

*     Ordered equation entry not required

*     Problem solution report includes all variables

*     Data input and output compatible with Excel

Polymath has Four Major Programs:

for simultaneous Linear Equations:

for simultaneous Nonlinear Equations:

for simultaneous Ordinary Differential Equations:

for Curve Fitting and various Regressions:

with Student and Professional versions:

Module Limitation Student Versions Professional Version
POLYMATH Min # of represented digits 8 8
POLYMATH Max # of represented digits 22 22
LEQ Max # of simultaneous linear equations 264 264
NLE Max # of simultaneous nonlinear equations 15 300
NLE Max # of simultaneous explicit equations 35 300
DEQ Max # of simultaneous differential equations 25 300
DEQ Max # of simultaneous explicit equations 35 300
DEQ Max # of intermediate data points 1200 1200
REG Max polynomial regression degree 5 12
REG Max nonlinear regression model variables 60 60
REG Max nonlinear regression independent variables 60 60
Data Table Max # of rows (data points) 201 1001
Data Table Max # of columns 50 200