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Mat 011 PowerPoint Lectures

Calculator TI 30X IIS

How to use the calculator for arithmetic operations


Calculator TI 30X IIS, part 2

How to use the calculator for operations with fractions


LECTURE: 1Signed Numbers

  • Real Number System
  • Symbols of equality, inequality, less than, greater than
  • Unary operations: opposite of; absolute value
  • Rules of Addition and Subtraction for Signed numbers, S1
  • Mathematical Statement to Symbols


LECTURE: 2Signed Numbers Multiplication

  • Multiplication of Signed Numbers, S3
  • Zero as a factor
  • Zero as a divisor
  • Order of Operations


LECTURE: 3Introduction to Variables

  • Jigsaw on Adding and Multiplying Signed Numbers
  • English to Algebra Worksheet
  • Manipulatives
  • Introduction to Variables, S13
  • Terms versus Factors
  • Expressions versus Equations
  • Distributive Property


LECTURE: 4Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

  • Distributive Property
  • Algebraic Worksheet Completion
  • Simplifying Algebraic Expressions, S25
  • Introduction to Variables
    • Cone Problem
    • Rental Car


LECTURE: 5 SolvingEquations

  • Solving Equations, S31, S37
  • Rental Car Problem, S23


LECTURE: 6Applications of Linear Equations

  • Applications Problems, S43
    • Lawn Mowing revisited
    • Choice of jobs
    • Weight related to height
    • Salary with bonus


LECTURE: 7 Literal Equations

  • Literal Equations, S57


LECTURE: 8 Computer Lab

  • Computer Lab, Room PH 335
    • Software on network
    • CD from textbook
    • IPTV Video tapes of class
    • Blackboard
    • Web Sites


LECTURE: 9Percentages

  • Percentages, S65


LECTURE: 10Review Test 1

  • Review material for test 1, S75


LECTURE: 11Inequalities

  • Inequalities, S79
  • Applications of Inequalities


LECTURE: 12Applications of Inequalities

  • Applications of Inequalities, S85

o      Q-Mart Stores

o      4Book Sales

o       4TelephoneCharges


LECTURE: 13Graphing

  • Cartesian Coordinates
  • Scatter Plots, S95
  • Graphing Lines


LECTURE: 14Interpreting Graphs

  • Interpreting Graphs, S105, S113


LECTURE: 15Graphing Using Intercepts and Introduction to Slope

  • Graphing Using Intercepts, S123
  • Introduction to Slope, S133


LECTURE: 16Slope

  • Slope, S145


LECTURE: 17Applications of Graphs

  • Applications of Graphs, S153


LECTURE: 18Review Test 2

  • Review Test 2, S169


LECTURE: 21Positive Exponents

  • Positive Exponents, S175


LECTURE: 22Negative Exponents

  • Negative Exponents, S183
  • Scientific Notation

LECTURE: 23Properties of Exponents

  • Properties of Exponents, S191


LECTURE: 24Algebraic Fractions

  • Operations on Algebraic Fractions, S197


LECTURE: 25Solving Algebraic Fractions Equations

  • Solving Equations with Algebraic Fractions, S211


LECTURE: 26Ratio and Proportion

  • Ratio and Proportion, S219


LECTURE: 27Review Test 3

  • Review Test 3, S225


LECTURE: 28Introduction to Quadratics

  • Introduction to Quadratics, S229
  • Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  • Identifying Polynomials
  • Multiplying Polynomials
  • FOIL


LECTURE: 29Factoring

  • Factoring by Trial and Error, s265
  • Monomial Factors
  • Difference of Two Perfect Squares


LECTURE: 30Solving Quadratics Equations

  • Solving Quadratics Equations
  • Solving Quadratics Equations


LECTURE: 31Applications of Quadratic Formula

  • Applications of Quadratic Formula, S239
    • Rock Problem
    • Profit
    • Fence
    • Sailboat


LECTURE: 32Quadratic Applications and Graphs

  • Quadratic Applications and Graphs, S249
    • Tea Profit
    • Rock Problem
    • Fence Problem


LECTURE: 33Review Test 4

  • Review Test 4, S267