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Thank you for visiting our site! You landed on this page because you entered a search term similar to this: adding and subtracting positive and negative integers free worksheets.We have an extensive database of resources on adding and subtracting positive and negative integers free worksheets. Below is one of them. If you need further help, please take a look at our software "Algebrator", a software program that can solve any algebra problem you enter!

Grade 5 Math Web Sites


NameThat Portion


This site is loaded with games that will help students understandthe ordering of fractions, decimals, and percents. Go to the Numbersbox and the games will be there. Perplexing Percentages (Discounts onclothing), Majority Vote (percentages), and Grape Juice Jungles(ratio and proportions) are good.


This site is pure practice. You put in a fraction, hit return, andthe decimal appears. Conversely, you put in a decimal, hit return,and the fraction appears,


This game is interesting once you get the hang of it. Students aregiven empty squares and asked to create the fraction listed near thesquare. They can do this by clicking on + or &endash; Rows to createportions. After matching the squares, they are asked to createanother square that is between those two. A nice feature of this gameis that it is self checking.

Numberand Operation Concepts

There are plenty of activities on this page that build on eachother. Fraction Four is a great game because it involves two players.You can regulate the time and what topic you'd like. It is likeConnect Four. Once you get the answer correct, you can place a dot ona connect four board. The goal is to get four dots in a row.

FractionGame Tool

This is a computer version of the fraction track game. It isplayed the same way as the TERC version, however, unlike when thekids play the paper version, this game will not allow the markers tobe moved when they divide their moves inaccurately. In that way it ishelpful. It forces the students to make a more accurate move.


Visual Fractions - This site is very helpful. It begins withidentifying fractions, renaming, comparing, adding, subtracting,multiplying and dividing. There is a cute little game called FindGrammy, Grampy which places an icon on a strip and the kids have towrite their location as a fraction.

WhoWants Pizza?

This is a very easy transition to fractions. It begins with simpleidentification (in an interactive mode) and proceeds to adding andmultiplying fractions. There is an interactive practice at the end ofeach topic.


This is a mystery picture covered with number blocks. The activityrequires students to answer questions like 3/8 of my 64 are red. Whenyou click on the correct number a picture appears underneath it. Kidstry to guess what the picture is. This is a great review of fractionparts.

"M&M's"®Candies, Line Plots, and Graphing

This is the M & M candies lesson. Graphing, percents,fractions. Nice lesson plan.


VERY simple introduction to fractions. Parts and wholes-writingmixed numbers. This site would be helpful to students who need moreexposure and a very easy approach to beginning fractions.

Decimal and WholeNumber Jeopardy

Decimal Jeopardy. Reviews place value and rounding of decimals andwhole numbers. Plays much like the real game.

Fraction DecimalConversion

Conversion between fractions and decimals

LearningPlanet - Fraction Frenzy

This is an excellent site that challenges students' knowledge ofsimple to more difficult fraction equivalents. It starts out withfour examples and students race the clock. Each level getsprogressively harder because more examples are given.

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TheOlympic Distance

This puzzle is wordy and for enrichment. It involves figuring outhow many kilometers Russian athletes have to travel and competeduring the 2002 Olympics.


This puzzle involves making a saline solution. It is verychallenging and there are many answers, but 10 and 11 year oldssubmitted solutions.


There are many games here based on measurement.

MathChallenge #1: Line Up

This problem is about estimating waiting in a line if you werenumber 300.

MathChallenge #3: Popcorn

This is a great problem about volume. Kids can build twocylinders-one shorter and rounder than the other- to see which canhold more popcorn.

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This puzzle involves arranging jelly beans in different patternsto make rectangles. It may be useful in exploring squares ofnumbers

MathChallenge #35: Fire Hydrant

This challenge is a real world question. Why is the top piece of afire hydrant shaped like it is?

MathChallenge #44: Table for 19

This problem Seating for 19 is about arranging tables (squares)for maximum seating for people.

GeneralCoordinates Games

This game is review of coordinate points. Students can either typethe coordinates of a certain point (represented by a house icon) orthey can type the coordinates and the house will appear.

Gettingto Know the Shapes

This is a very challenging, but very interesting. Students explorefaces and edges of polyhedrons. They can color in the faces, rotatethe shape, and click on transparent to see through it. Fascinating.This would be a good enrichment site.

Bird'sEye View

This site is an interactive one involving review of polygonshapes. The student is asked to be a helicopter pilot and look at thetops of buildings in the city. Great review.

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BuildingOn Numbers You Know

Puzzlistvs. Mathematician: A Practical Arithmetic Problem

This problem deals with making a decision about taking a job withtwo different salary options. It involves patterns andcomputations.

TheProduct Game

This is an interactive version of the factor game that most peopleplay with a hard copy. Note: To move the marker, you need to clickand drag the shape over the number you want.

Place ValuePlayoff!

VERY basic review of place value. You match the expanded notationwith its standard form.

Grand SlamMath

Grand Slam Math- This website has very basic review of easy wordproblems dealing with multiplication and division. There are 6 kidsfrom 4 classes who will be in a play. How many students will performaltogether? Helpful for kids who need basic word problem review andmultiplication practice.

Grade 5-8Math

This site contains many easy printable worksheets for simple mathcomputation.


This site is a great way to teach kids divisibility rules andpatterns for the multiplication tables. It has kids choose a numberfrom a deck of cards, displays the multiplication tables, and thenhas them try to find a pattern in the table. There is a queen whogives the hints and teaches the patterns. There is also somethingcalled a Table Tournament which gives extra practice.


The Amazing Adventures of Astro- Interactive word problem solving.These problems can be multi-step. There is an inordinate amount ofreading at the beginning when Astro introduces himself, but afterthat the problems are fairly easy to navigate.

Math Hoops- Students answer questions. If they get 3 out of 5questions correct, they get to shoot baskets and try to make 3 in 20seconds. Interactive and fun. The problems are for average fifthgraders.

Solve a Math Quiz- This allows the teacher to choose variables interms of giving a quiz on computation. You can choose addition,subtraction, multiplication or division or mix them all up. You canvary the number of problems, indicate the largest multiplier/divisor,change the number of addends, include negative numbers, remainderswith decimals, or specify a particular multiplier. In other words, itcould be very student specific.


This activity deals with choosing the shortest distance for aflight path across the United States. Good review of adding andsubtracting three digits numbers. Students schould click on "Lesson"to begin.


This is an activity for very strong students. It deals with buyinga car and the job salary you would need to pay for it. Once you gotthe students started they could proceed on their own. Another thoughtwould be to coordinate this with the computer teacher and have thatperson teach the students how to use a spreadsheet to help them solvethis problem.

NationalLibrary of Virtual Manipulatives for Inter active Mathematics: AllTopics (Grades 3 - 5)

Scroll down to find Circle 99 &endash; Great game involving addingand subtracting negative and positive integers that add up to 99.This interactive puzzle presents seven overlapping circles with eachcircle divided into three areas. Five numbers are found in theoverlapping circles.


Welcome to the world of real living. Students are asked to helpsave an alien, Xerbie and return him to his spaceship. He can only dothis by learning to manage his money. Students travel through thetown building to building answering math questions about money andexpenses. Targeted for grades 6-8, but could easily be used withstrong fifth grade students. Requires good reading skills. Freeregistration (a screen name and password) is required for allusers.

CanYou Say Really Big Numbers?

This is a good review for students who are having trouble readinglarge numbers. They can type in any number and are prompted to readit aloud. Then the number is displayed in written form so they cancheck their answer.


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There are several problems related to probability on this website.They are wordy, but interactive. Strong readers could work with otherstudents to explain the rules.

MathChallenge #26: I Win!

This challenge could be used after the discussions about whethergames of chance are fair. This game is about rolling a die anddeciding whether the outcomes each player gets is fair.

TheWinning Edge: Probability in Basketball

This game deals with a real life situation. It deals with a tiedbasketball game and students having to decide what players will takethe shot. They determine this by choosing 5 out of 10 players andrunning 30 trials of 2 shots each. After doing this, they figure outpercentages of shots made and then choose the player who will takethe shots. Interesting. Challenging. Needs strong readers to followdirections.

TheProbability of Pintails

Great introductory lesson on pintail ducks. Incorporates science.Students predict (using data given) the probability of certain ducksbeing in a certain area. They use results to make a graph.

NationalLibrary of Virtual Manipulatives for Inter active Mathematics: AllTopics (Grades 3 - 5)

This is a great site. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The CoinToss and Coin Toss-Heads in a Row are good for kids to explore thebigger picture of tossing coins. There are opportunities to explorethe tossing of 10,000 coins. The bar graphs change before your eyesand the percentages and the number of head and tails are listed.

BBCMaths File: Fish Tank

Fish Tank- Students choose the probability of catching certaincolor fish in a tank and type in the fraction. Good for beginningprobability. Needs Shockwave to run this.

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Containersand Cubes


Scroll down and click on the word interactive under Space Blocks.There are several activities involving volume, putting blockstogether, surface area, and folding and unfolding. Challenging.

MathChallenge #55: Decorating Boxes

This challenge called Decorating Boxes asks students to visualizewhat a flat container with an orange line drawn on would look likewhen folded together.

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Patternsof Change

Hollywood'sTop Ten

This lesson would be of strong interest to students. They go to amovie website and record data from the top ten money grossing movies.From this data they create a graph.

SportsTeams & Math

Helpful for constructing graphs and charts. Students look up theirfavorite NFL team and fill out a date form. Reviews mean, mode,range, and averages.

SurfingAmusement Parks

The task is to calculate the median cost of attending an amusementpark. Students are sent to six different websites to gather dataconcerning entrance fees and general costs. They gather the data andgraph the results. Extensions are available in terms of increasingthe data they gather- food prices, parking, hotel accommodations fora week.

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Data:Kids, Cats, and Ads

Using Dataand StatisticsT

his is a beginning look at data. Line graphs, pie charts, bargraphs, mean, median, and mode are explained. Examples are given andreviewed.

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Other UsefulSites:

Each of these web sites has been reviewed for classroom use. Aswith all games and activities, one class or student may take moretime using the site than another. Please check to make sure you canaccess the web site. It is our hope you would peruse it yourself andbest decide how you will use it in your classroom.


BasketMath is an interactive math review that covers all topics.Kids answer questions and shoot a basketball.

Cool, Safe Linksfor Kids, Parents and Teachers

This is a link to every imaginable topic from A- Z for teachers.Though Math is only a little piece of this site, it had to beincluded for those searching for almost anything.


This site has a daily math problem for grades 3-5. Problem solvingstrategies are available as is the answer.

GradeFive Problems

These are 40 varied problems for fifth graders that cover all thetopics. If you needs review for challenging students they could gohere. Answers are provided.

King's List ofOn-line Math Activities

This website is similar to the one listed above it. It is LOADEDwith math sites, games, puzzles. Check it out.

NationalLibrary of Virtual Manipulatives for Inter active Mathematics: AllTopics (Grades 3 - 5)

This site is loaded with virtual manipulatives. They are brokeninto cateogories &endash; Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry,Measurement, and Data Analysis and Problem Solving.


Go to this website to make a rubric. Click on Rubric Builder andproceed. The finished product is a rubric ready to use.


This web site has hundreds of ideas. Some are lesson plans, someare games, and some are resources. All are labeled so you can easilyread the topics and click to go to the website. These sites wouldrequire a bit more teacher time to read the lessons and decide whichyou'd like to use, however, some of the lessons are very good.

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