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Accessible Graphing Calculator Example Graphs

This page contains pictures and sounds of graphs produced by the Accessible Graphing Calculator. The images are screen shots showing the calculator and the graph, they are shown at 80% of your browser's window size so you will see some compression artifacts such as grid lines not being properly displayed. Each image has an associated audio tone-plot, or auditory graph. The auditory graphs on this page are represented by links to the sound files. The files have been saved in the .wav file format directly from the calculator. In order to listen to the files, your Web browser should access an appropriate helper application such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

The auditory graphs are a method for representing a visual graph with sound. The Y axis value of a data point is representd by pitch, and the X axis is represented by time. Thus, a series of different pitches will be played. In addition, negative Y axis values have the addition of some "white noise". Some of the auditory graphs include "audio tick marks" The tempo at which the tick marks are played represents the first derivative, or slope, of the graph and the pitch of the tick marks represents the second derivative, or curvature.

The graphs were generated by entering functions or loading a data file into one of the Data Set Tab Pages. Plotting parameters, such as range, mode, and axes were set in the Plot Tab Page.

The sound files were generated by the AGC using the Evaluate Expression function (F4) and then saved with the Write Wave File option (F6). These options are found in the Graph Menu. Different audio graphing parameters, such as play time, tick marks, and relative volume can be set in the Wave Tab Page.

Linear Graph

Linear Graph screen shot

This is a graph of the function y = x from -3 to 3. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Wave tab page.

Wave file of the auditory linear graph.

Wave file of the auditory linear graph with tick marks.

Graph of X2

Screen shot of the Graph of X squared

This is a graph of the function y = x^2 from -3 to 3. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Wave tab page.

Wave file of X squared.

Wave file of X squared with tick marks.

Graph of X3

Screen shot of the Graph of X cubed

This is a graph of the function y = x^3 from -3 to 3. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Wave tab page.

Wave file of the graph of X cubed.

Wave file of X cubed with tick marks.

Graph of Sin(x)

Screen shot of the graph of sin(x)

This is a graph of the function y = sin(x) from -4 to 4. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Plot tab page.

Wave file of Sin(x).

Graph of xSin(x)

Screen shot of the graph of xsin(x)

This is a graph of the function y = x*sin(x) from -10 to 10. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Data Set 1 tab page with the data table displayed.

Wave file of the graph of xSin(x).

Graph of the data file ZnSe

Screen shot of the graph of the znse.dat file.

This is a graph of some experimental data loaded in from the znse.dat file. The picture shows the graph to the left of the calculator's Data Set 1 tab page with the statistics displayed.

Wave file of the graph of the ZnSe data set.

May 26, 2000