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Thank you for visiting our site! You landed on this page because you entered a search term similar to this: greatest common factor of two numbers is 871, here's the result: 
  CIATimer.lha dev/src  23K 770 Example CIA timer routines.
  clip.lha dev/src  5K 274 Clipboard support functions
  ClipBoard.lha dev/src  1K 871 Clipboard device interface routines.
  CmdListSrc.lha dev/src  29K 266 Full source in C for CommandList
  cobol2000.lha dev/src  2K 253 COBOL and the Year 2000
  ConfigFileSrc.lha dev/src  85K 318 Sources of ConfigFile.lha V1.2
  ConPackets.lha dev/src  10K 871 Demo use of DOS packets.
  ConsoleWindow.lha dev/src  9K 844 Example to find intuition pointer.
  CopJMP.lha dev/src  1K 423 Simulates copper JMP command (asm)
  CSquared.lha dev/src  23K 838 Circle Squared algorthm example.
  dada.lha dev/src  6K 454 Formats plain text or False source in the shape of a given image. In False.
  davesblitzsrc.lha dev/src  181K 250 Collection of Blitz Source Code
  DBuff.lzh dev/src  12K 580 double buffering demo w/source
  DemoBall.lha dev/src  37K 382 A little bouncing balls demo in a window (commodity!?)
  device_info.lha dev/src  12K 274 Get information about mounted DOS device
  DICE_SharedLib.lha dev/src  12K 333 Example Shared Library Code for DICE
  DigConv12.lha dev/src  10K 381 Example to convert dec to hex, bin and octal
  DosDev.lha dev/src  26K 833 Example DOS device driver. V1.10
  doublbuf.lha dev/src  7K 430 Eg. of fast OS-friendly double buffering
  dragclass.lha dev/src  55K 448 Example for a BOOPSI drag class. bugfix
  DropBox1_1.lha dev/src  41K 511 Source for DropBox, a WB 2.x AppIcon.
  EnforcerFreeze.lha dev/src  25K 441 Experimental Progam to halt Enforcerhitting Processes
  except.lha dev/src  3K 550 An exception handler example.
  Excption.lha dev/src  48K 767 Useful error handling routines. V0.6
  FaderFunct.lha dev/src  2K 246 Fade functions for fading colortables.
  fastc2p.lha dev/src  25K 488 two _fast_ chunky2planar converters
  fmtstrutil.lha dev/src  3K 367 A safe "sprintf" function using RawDoFmt().
  getmodeinfo20s.lha dev/src  9K 370 SAS/C Source for GetModeInfo
  GhostRiderSrc.lha dev/src  299K 428 Full (assembler) source code for GhostRider
  giraffe.lha dev/src  233K 399 Shared graphics library. includes source.
  GLperf3.12-src.lha dev/src  351K 268 Official OpenGL benchmark (source codes)
  gma_assembler.lha dev/src  3K 387 Assembler examples
  gma_c.lha dev/src  10K 387 C/C++ example programs, includes full source
  gma_calc.lha dev/src  364K 387 Calculator, includes full source
  gma_e.lha dev/src  13K 387 Some E-programs
  gma_prolog.lha dev/src  2K 387 Some PROLOG-programs, use them with SBProlog 3.1
  GoodDouble.lha dev/src  11K 535 Sample code for double clicks. V0.3
  GPrintIFF.lha dev/src  102K 338 Load IFF files & permit to print it . Support AGA
  GurusGuide.lha dev/src  49K 758 Source files for "Guru's Guide".
  Handler.lha dev/src  10K 838 Example AmigaDOS handler in non-BCPL.
  HCF.lha dev/src  1K 399 FALSE source to work out highest common factor of two numbers.
  HelloWorld1_0.lha dev/src  1K 586 Shorter SAS/C 5.10 HelloWorld.
  hex.lha dev/src  3K 391 Hex dump of binary files, command and source included
  HexDump.lha dev/src  9K 386 Simple Hex dumper incl. C-Source
  How2UseGfx-P2.lha dev/src  299K 362 Part2 of How2UseGfxV39
  How2UseGfxV39.lha dev/src  702K 361 Rel5: Sample Sources How to Use V39/V40 graphics.library
  HW_31KhzModes.lha dev/src  4K 389 Use 30/31.56Khz screens without the OS
  hz.lha dev/src  2K 449 For new asm students; PAL/NTSC switch src dev/src  5K 878 Trap keyboard or mouse events.
  joystick.lha dev/src  2K 528 Joystick-Read Example Code [C]
  JustBeeps.lha dev/src  11K 742 Simple example of using Audio/Timer devs
  LibFrame.lha dev/src  13K 419 Easy extendable Library Framework (asm)
  LibTimerSrc.lha dev/src  10K 334 LibraryTimer assembler source
  LightCycleSour.lha dev/src  374K 356 Ligh Cycle what else ? asm source!
  Mklib.lha dev/src  48K 767 Example of building a shared library.
  modem_1.2.lha dev/src  10K 517 Useful serial.device source & program V1.2.
  morecolors.lha dev/src  1K 500 x>100 colors per line with AGA copper list
  Move16v2.lha dev/src  9K 525 Src/executable for 040 amigas, shows use of Move16 instruction
  MultiTasking.lha dev/src  21K 862 Tutorial & example for exec multitasking
  mwAGDsrc.lha dev/src  201K 258 AmigaGuide Designer (C source)
  NBuff.lha dev/src  19K 536 Double bufferung routines example. V2.2
  NiceMove.lha dev/src  9K 588 Examples in C of MOUSEMOVOE handling
  OcSS_src.lha dev/src  189K 379 Programer player routines for the new OctaMED Soundstudio
  OctaMED-R.lha dev/src  113K 430 OctaMED Player Programer Sources V6
  OS2Unit.lha dev/src  49K 409 Unit for KickPascal/MaxonPascal3 for fontsensitive GUIs
  OSscroll.lha dev/src  147K 367 Smooth intuiscreen scroll OS3.0 (Asm)
  ParOut.lha dev/src  4K 742 Shows how to allocate/use parallel port.
  Pere-et-Fils.lha dev/src  15K 837 Example of creating reentrant processes.
  PicPak.lha dev/src  46K 415 V1.4 Picture loading functions
  PIPWin.lha dev/src  26K 316 Picture In Picture window/boopsi class (binary + C source)
  PopHelp.lha dev/src  106K 336 PopHelp, old file utility +asm.source
  PPCtbl_lwc.lha dev/src  198K 298 TBL's 3D-converter for LightWave (PPC)
  PropGadget.lha dev/src  22K 731 Example code for proportional gadgets.
  RafikSrcDos.lha dev/src  54K 336 Some system sources
  RBF_src.lha dev/src  3K 247 C++ source for easy TileCoding of vectors using RBFs
  RetinaSource.lha dev/src  308K 473 Sourcecode of Retina Burn One Demo
  RKMCompanion.lha dev/src  641K 708 Example pgms from 1.3 ROM Kernel Manual.
  RKRM_Devs_prgs.lha dev/src  323K 254 Example code from RKRM: Devices, 3rd ed.
  RKRM_Libs_prgs.lha dev/src  711K 254 Example code from RKRM: Libraries, 3rd ed.
  RLD_source.lha dev/src  19K 315 Source for util/rexx/RexxLocalDates.lha
  rot3dsrc.lha dev/src  184K 500 Complete Aztec source to rot3d.lha demo
  Scan2.lha dev/src  167K 435 Example asm source to build up a noflicker screen by-passing O.S.
  ScrollerWindow.lha dev/src  11K 491 Adaptive layout with scrollers V0.3
  SerialClass1_0.lha dev/src  7K 413 SAS 6.56 source code for an object oriented C++ Serial Port class
  sg_dmsrc.lzh dev/src  11K 445 Asm source for a clone of Dungeon Master.
  sg_mgsrc.lha dev/src  27K 445 Asm source for a Disk Magazine.
  ShuttleWheel.lha dev/src  15K 254 A shuttlewheel.gadget class
  SmartWB10.lha dev/src  10K 384 Always WFLG_SMART_REFRESH (incl. C-Source)
  sPK_Bump.lha dev/src  63K 325 2d Bumpmapping 680x0 source!!
  spr12.lha dev/src  5K 419 Safely?! remove sytem patches (sample code)
  StripANSI2.lha dev/src  5K 505 Strip ANSI Sequences from a file (src)
  SystemIdle10.lha dev/src  9K 422 A function to get systems usage, like cpuload2
  TBL-LWC.lha dev/src  189K 340 TBL's 3D-converter for LightWave.
  TDRenderLib.lha dev/src  34K 333 3D graphic library in xRGB32 format.
  tipdrawline.lha dev/src  2K 586 Fast blitter line draw routine
  tla_source.lha dev/src  16K 297 Source code from "T.L.A."
  trackldr1_43.lha dev/src  5K 482 Hardware banging trackloader
  trans42src.lha dev/src  30K 382 Multilingual translator/speech library
  TreeWalk.lha dev/src  57K 701 Fast, robust, file tree walking routine.
  unsqsh.lha dev/src  3K 305 Portable unpack source for XPK-SQSH
  VAD_ManipulSrc.lha dev/src  2.8M 344 Manipulations demo - full sources
  VectorGlyph.lha dev/src  20K 313 Scalable boopsi image class with bitmap cache (demo + src)
  Viewperf5.1src.lha dev/src  89K 268 Official OpenGL benchmark (source codes)
  wangisrc.lha dev/src  1.2M 367 Source to over 35 Amiga programs
  wavetools_dev.lha dev/src  28K 417 Wavetools developper info (UNOFFICIAL) BETA
  wbpath.lha dev/src  12K 484 Clone the Workbench process's command path
  wolf3d-2.lha dev/src  56K 500 Wolf3D clone demo
  wwg-crt.lha dev/src  7K 330 Crt.(i|p) for PCQ-Pascal
  xList_s.lha dev/src  17K 418 ASM sources of xList105 (ModuleLister)
  XModule34_src.lha dev/src  197K 437 Complete C sources for XModule
  Xvectors1-3.lha dev/src  12K 546 Educational C-source(unix) (asm prepared :)
  Xvectors4.lha dev/src  5K 546 Faster/Optimized integer-math rotation
  ZipWd.lha dev/src  5K 578 Example code of OS 2.xx zipping windows. V0.5
  ZLibWOS.lha dev/src  111K 297 ZLib Port to WarpOS
  ScrollingTrick.lha dev/src  489K 239 Best scrolling algor. for games (doc+src)
  SoundDT41src.lha dev/src  53K 239 Sounddt41 source code
  MiniStat.lha dev/src  21K 182 Very simple stat program with C source
  xad_bzip2.lha dev/src  50K 63 Bzip2 xadmaster client
  FM2000.lha dev/src  387K 179 Sourcecode of Filemaster, multitasking directory utility.
  xfd_SZDD.lha dev/src  15K 63 Sources of SZDD xfdmaster client
  mrwcs_c2p.lha dev/src  12K 169 Not particularly fast c2p routine with detailed explanation
  Yagg_src.lha dev/src  495K 168 Blitz2 sourcecode for Yagg, Black Blade Design
  TextEditorExam.lha dev/src  11K 137 ReAction texteditor.gadget example
  mrq_library.lha dev/src  79K 165 Fast C2P + CGX procedures for games, demos... And more!
  xad_CAB.lha dev/src  64K 63 Cabinet (CAB) xadmaster client
  xad_DImp.lha dev/src  16K 63 DImp xadmaster client
  xad_MSA.lha dev/src  10K 63 Magic Shadow (MSA) xadmaster client
  xad_ZAP.lha dev/src  14K 63 ZAP xadmaster client
  xad_ar.lha dev/src  15K 63 Ar(1) xadmaster client
  xad_bzip.lha dev/src  23K 63 Bzip xadmaster client
  xad_Wrapster.lha dev/src  13K 63 Wrapster xadmaster client
  xad_RPM.lha dev/src  13K 63 RPM xadmaster client
  xad_COP.lha dev/src  18K 63 COP xadmaster client
  xad_MakeSFX.lha dev/src  13K 63 MakeSFX xadmaster client
  adasrc1.lha dev/src  7K 147 Collection of simple Ada-Sources
  HowToReAction.lha dev/src  19K 143 ReAction GUI with ReActor
  TimedSerial.lha dev/src  25K 45 Serial I/O functions that time-out. Source included.
  adasrc2.lha dev/src  33K 140 Collection of simple Ada-Sources
  Abbo.lha dev/src  444K 139 Source of game written in E
  BadReaction.lha dev/src  49K 131 ReAction Problems under Hisoft C/C++
  Lgui.lha dev/src  173K 129 My own translations and codes of the R.K.M - In Assembly.
  Rkm_asm.lha dev/src  272K 129 My own translations and codes of the R.K.M - In Assembly.
  stormgcc_binut.lha dev/src  5.2M 126 Sources of StormGCC from Dec. 2000 CD
  stormgcc_cvs.lha dev/src  1.8M 126 Sources of StormGCC from Dec. 2000 CD
  stormgcc_gcc.lha dev/src  11M 126 Sources of StormGCC from Dec. 2000 CD
  ChunkyStartup2.lha dev/src  89K 124 Chunkystartup.asm CGX/AGA/PICASSO useful for OSlike demos.(asm/C)
  RKM_ASM2.lha dev/src  427K 124 R.K.M codes - Translated into Assembly.
  RKM2_ASM.lha dev/src  427K 124 R.K.M codes - Translated into Assembly.
  adasort.lha dev/src  47K 115 Elemental sorting algorithms in Ada
  sort.lha dev/src  25K 115 Elemental sorting algorithms in C
  GadgetExample.lha dev/src  27K 114 Example of gadget programming
  visual_sort.lha dev/src  77K 114 Visual sorting algorithms in C
  FReality.lha dev/src  36K 113 BB2. unfinished role/adv/action.
  wfimage_src.lha dev/src  44K 108 Waveforms.image class source v44.0
  freedb_sources.lha dev/src  127K 100 FreeDB - sources archive
  xad_cpio.lha dev/src  7K 109 Cpio xadmaster client (part of RPM)
  expat-src.lha dev/src  172K 61 Shared library to parse XML
  intuiflake.lha dev/src  5K 96 Intuition fractal graphics
  intuistar.lha dev/src  4K 96 Intuition fractal graphics
  ggt.lha dev/src  93K 90 Ada95-Source: Greatest common divisor of n numbers
  3d-fraktal.lha dev/src  29K 85 Animated 3D-fractal using OpenGL
  earth.lha dev/src  178K 84 OpenGL rotating globe
  teddycvs163.lha dev/src  665K 84 Gl port of Elite
  Bouncing_Cube.lha dev/src  183K 82 Animated bouncing cube (OpenGL)
  RocketCar12.lha dev/src  44K 82 Drive a raytraced car in a window (OpenGL)
  CollidingStars.lha dev/src  181K 82 3d collision detection using bounding spheres (OpenGL)
  CollStars.lha dev/src  181K 81 3d collision detection using bounding spheres (OpenGL)
  MyCalc.lha dev/src  338K 79 Commoditized Programmer's Calculator V1.0 Source Included.
  reactionexampl.lha dev/src  33K 33 ReAction examples
  cexcept.lha dev/src  22K 70 Exception handling interface for ANSI C
  xad_AmosSampBa.lha dev/src  12K 63 AMOS Sample Bank xadmaster client
  xad_MS-TNEF.lha dev/src  14K 63 Microsoft TNEF xadmaster client
  xfd_MMCMP.lha dev/src  5K 63 Sources of MMCMP xfdmaster client
  xfd_PacPic.lha dev/src  7K 63 Sources of Pac.Pic. xfdmaster client
  Carmichael.lha dev/src  3K 52 Search for Carmichael Numbers
  Apfelberge.lha dev/src  6K 23 3D fractal example, joystick support
  GL_BMP_Load_11.lha dev/src  244K 20 OpenGL BMP texture loader routines
  Window.lha dev/src  7K 26 Attach CON: to existing window on Kickstart 1.x
  nA_impulse_src.lha dev/src  2.2M 24 Music disk asm source
  nA_6502.lha dev/src  4K 11 6502 + 65C02 SALLY (NOT FULL) Emulation source
  nA_Z80.lha dev/src  9K 11 Z80 Disassembler Source
  nA_AMIKA10.lha dev/src  6K 11 Amika: text-coder asm source
  nA_MALevEdSRC.lha dev/src  36K 10 Level Editor for Mini Arcanoid v2.9 ASM SOURCE
  IniFuncs.lha dev/src  81K V1.0 Link library of .ini file functions (Source Included)